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Like play it all started on the 1ST of April 2016 as;

name later changed to

it was changed again to

Before I finally purchased a domain for the blog which I eventually named Naming the blog was a big challenge at first the reason being the content versatility, I could not figure out the aim of the blog but I had it at the back of my mind that it can only be given a single name then I named it ojaygist since what I do on the blog is to gist about those events mentioned below.

Note: It is also not a personal blog.

Ojaygist is a blog that is aimed to criticize, analyze and suggest solutions to issues/events in such a way that the information provided can be useful, educative, motivating and inspiring to readers.

The gist includes:

General info about politics, education, environment, eye witness with other useful and helpful info.

Entertainment info discusses issues related to entertainment in Nigeria, worldwide etc. It also deals with grassroots entertainment on how, what, where coupled with my songs lyrics and updates.

Sport info is on things happening in sport worldwide and in Nigeria.

Activism is about the roles of good leadership in Africa with little criticism of Africa's leaders.

Letter info deals with guide and how to write different types of letter, essay and email for important purposes.

Blogging tips teaches and assists beginner bloggers.

Hot info deals with minor aspect of relationships, marriage and sex.

Words/Text give sample special day wishes, motivational and inspirational words, sms and chat messages.


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