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Reasoning beyond PDP and APC

The 2019 election is fast approaching and as such we need to analyze the current situation of things in the Country. Basically, the aim of this article is to address the forthcoming presidential election and the hurdles ahead.

First and foremost, let’s begin with the candidates of the two major parties, Buhari of APC and Atiku of PDP. Buhari, the current president and APC presidential candidate is acclaimed to be a man of integrity whilst Atiku the PDP presidential candidate is known for his fame and fortune. Of these two candidates, one is being imposed on us while the other bought his way through as alleged in some quarters. At this time and age, one would have expected one of the numerous intelligent youths with beautiful minds to steer the wheel of this country to the next level. As it stands now, it’s like asking the populace to choose between “pain and sickness”, which one is preferable?.

On one hand, I have heavily scrutinized President Buhari’s achievement in the past 3 years, I still can’t figure it out, he’s like a silhouette with paralyzed action, no solution has been provided to stop the evil killings of the herdsmen. They said Nigeria is out of recession, yet inflation has ravaged the prices of goods, all he does is to tour the world and after all the travel nothing important has been offered to this fracturing economy. Now he wants to go for second term! 
On the other hand, it is obvious Atiku Abubakar wants to become president at all cost and by force, it shouldn’t be a do or die affair as I have written in my past article see here, if I had the slightest conviction of a good intention, I would have supported him wholeheartedly but I have searched in the deepest part of my heart and seem not convinced that he has anything to offer other than to share in the national cake once again; he has more or less turned himself into a political prostitute. Afterall, he has had the opportunity of being a Vice President for 8 good years, what possible change can he bring now that he couldn’t have brought in the past, so it’s is high time he stopped pursuing a dream of personal interest. I am not sure he is the messiah we are currently looking for.

Secondly, apart from these two parties, no other party is capable of standing side by side (running a race) with them because what politics entails in Nigeria is power and resources which I doubt if other parties have, elections are no more for credible candidates with integrity but more for the highest bidder. Therefore, I recon it’s time to think beyond money and resources which the PDP and APC will offer before and during the election because the consequences will be ours after, in my opinion the two candidates cannot perform beyond expectations, what they are both fighting for is more power and resources for themselves and not for the people. As we have seen in time past and recent elections, the best they can offer are lies upon lies.

Finally, inasmuch as we do things the same way we cannot expect a different outcome.  It is time to think beyond bread and butter if we really wish to grow as a nation. Let’s reason beyond PDP and APC. They are not the only party in Nigeria.

I stand for good governance.

What do you stand for?


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