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Salah deserves the PFA player of the year award more than De Bruyne

Liverpool forward Mohammed Salah and Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne have put up a fantastic display this season in the premier league and as a result became the main contenders for the PFA player of the year award which Salah won ahead of De Bruyne. Without doubt, both players have been exceptional in their performance this season and have rescued their clubs on various occasions, but the big question is who deserves the award more?. I will simply choose Salah over De Bruyne on who deserves to win the award even though some people will not agree with the idea, anyways, judging by their individual performance, team’s quality and consistency Salah slightly edge past De Bruyne and in that regard deserves the award.

Indeed, this is not to show that one is better than the other, but an evidence to prove that Salah deserves the award more this year, moreover, De Bruyne was a major key player behind Manchester City’s Premier League triumph this season. Nonetheless, if we take the team’s quality and players consistency into consideration, we’ll realize that Salah certainly deserves the award. To be honest, the Liverpool forward has been consistent throughout the season so far, whereas De Bruyne is not as consistent as much as his counterpart and considering the kind of team he plays for we can all conclude that Manchester City is a much stronger team, it is not to override his contributions but implies that a team strength can easily reveal a player's potential. 

The individual performances of Salah is an evidence that he deserved the award in terms of goals, assists and understanding of teammates on the pitch.We can always recognize the differences in their comparison and finalize from there that since Manchester City is a stronger and better team than Liverpool, it is an advantage for any player to shine.

Although both deserves some accolade for an amazing performance they’ve shown this season with the sensational form that have been utilized perfectly by them. Besides, there can only be one winner of the award in a season and for me Mohammed Salah has done more and performed better on the side of individual performance and therefore deserves the award more due to the fact that he has been more consistent even in a team that is individually driven thus breaking and setting records. Who knows, maybe next season Kevin De Bruyne will win the award.


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