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Inability to take chances robbed Bayern Munich of a place in the UCL final

Analysing the UCL game between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid in which Real qualified. Aside the mistakes that gave Real the chance to score, Bayern was a much better side in both legs of the ties with plenty of chances to edge past their rival. Despite the chances Bayern were unable to utilize their chances and it robbed them of a place in the UCL final taking place on 26th May 2018 in Kyiv.

Sincerely, failure to convert chances irrespective of whether you play well or not in football can prove costly to a team progress into the next phase and in that regard Bayern are no exception. They couldn’t score with the numerous amount of opportunity they had as a result of their hard work, however, Madrid on the other hand converted every single one that comes their way. This makes it seem like Madrid’s priority is to qualify at all cost while Bayern’s aim was to play better. Bayern wasted too many chances in the first leg and a few in the second leg that could have secured them a place in the final. Maybe luck wasn’t on their side after all.

All the same such is life, at times it is not those that are better that get what they deserve in the end. What matters most is to always learn from those mistakes and move on in life, keeping in mind that other time will come for us to really prove our self worth in as much as one is consistently working towards achieving those things that one deserve. I believe Bayern will learn from their mistakes this season and utilize the opportunity that comes their way next season in the champions league.


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