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Finding a better replacement for Arsene Wenger won’t be an easy task

Replacing an outgoing or sacked manager with a better one is something that most football clubs often encounter. This is a situation that often makes the rich clubs splash enormous amount of money to hire a top class manager for the job in order to remain on top, an amount the average club cannot afford. Despite the huge offer, there is still no certainty of winning trophies which often result in managers being sacked again and again before reaching a desired state. I feel this is the same phase that Arsenal football club might likely face as their 22 years running manager is about to go, although since they are one of the richest football clubs in the world it is possible that the encounter will be for a short period provided they are willing and ready to splash huge amount in getting the services of a top manager and succumb to their requirements.

If we review Arsene Wenger’s structure we’ll realize that he’s more of a business oriented manager not the huge spending type who’s just after trophies only and he has proven it over and over again that with or without trophies you can still make huge gains in football, which to an extent has worked for the club, at least throughout the trophy-less seasons before the FA cup triumph in 2013/2014 season their net worth has been on the increase yearly, aside recent years he had to change his philosophy due to fans dissatisfaction in his teams inability to handle pressure when it mattered most especially in Big matches.

With that in mind, replacing Wenger may lead to a rebuilding process, i.e. the new coach may want to buy more and better players that can help the club win major trophies like champions league, premier league without taking many years to achieve, that would require a lot of money which does not guarantee trophies still plus the new coach will need some times to put everything together.

In summary, to achieve all this, the club should be ready to splash huge amount and time in order to redeem the club to winning major trophies which may not yield after unless they sack one or two managers. In fact other big clubs like Manchester United, Chelsea and many other clubs have had their own share of this kind of challenge which always require time and money to solve. I just hope it won’t take too much time to get Arsenal back to winning ways.


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