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President Buhari’s comment on the youth of Nigeria is an excuse for his own failure

I will always say it anytime that Nigeria’s problem is leadership, bad leadership is the major cause of the country’s setback over the years. I believe the reason campaigns and manifestoes was established is to help create awareness on the kind of leaders, the people are about to choose and to assist the leadership candidates unveil their plans to the people, however in this kind of setup or society it is used as an avenue to deceive people with fake promises and in that regard the president of Nigeria is no exception, this is a man who has failed to fulfill a single promise made during his campaigns before being elected into office, but instead have decided to put the blame on the youths of Nigeria by saying they are lazy whereas his claims are not true about the youths.

Furthermore, that comment on the youth is a symbol of defeat by the president on his failure and therefore, in order to make up for his own failures, the youth are the only excuse he’s got, that is why he and his entourage did not see the comment as a mistake thereby refusing to apologize to the youth on the comment I don’t know what else he wants the youth to do to prove that they’re not lazy.

What we need is a leader who is committed and ready to take responsibility for their own wrong not the one who refuses to notice the youth hard work, diligent and competence going about to ridicule them in another country in order to get praised for the things they did not do.


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