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Our leaders speaking autonomy should be deterred

The derogatory statement made by President Buhari on Nigerian youths that they are lazy is definitely not true, though it is obvious that some people are naturally lazy but those constitute merely an atom of the youth population in Nigeria. The truth is, even in places like London, New York and many other places in the world, there exist small proportions of lazy people on the street so generalizing that everyone or majority are lazy is wrong in fact statement like that should not be made on Nigeria’s youth at all, Nigeria’s youth deserves to be applauded daily because they’ve contributed immensely to Nigeria’s growth and are the major reason Nigeria is still existing till date, a milestone achieved without the provision of fundamental needs thus the youths should not be dishonoured with such statement.

The president of Nigeria’s comment on his own youths does not demonstrate good leadership. Donald Trump of USA, Angela Merkel of Germany and host of other leaders will never say such demeaning word about their youth in front of them, neither would they say it in front of others even if they are, because I’m sure they can foresee the adverse effect it might result to in the future. This remark on the youth led by president Buhari proves that he’s not worthy of being their leader, if that was an American president or British prime minister I’m certain other leaders in their country would have taken a drastic step to either warn or impeach them, why does he have to expose his own country flaws in front of people who barely cares, maybe he thinks the people he’s talking to does not have their own grassroots challenges but have decided to keep it to themselves, in short these people does not want us to grow in any way because our history says it all that Britain is one of the grassroots of our problems so devaluing your youth in front of them won’t change anything.

Finally, I think from now on Nigerian leaders should not be given full autonomy to say whatever they like in international forum such as the UN, AU and other related meetings, we should rather find ways to solve our grass root problems instead of the unnecessary exposure given to the country in front of the world. To be honest Nigerian youths are not lazy, they are constantly trying to get ahead, it is the generation of President Mohammadu Buhari, the first to assume leadership roles after independence from the British who has refused to provide basic needs like infrastructure, better education, electricity and many more for this generation because of their selfish interest.     


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