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Marriage is an achievement

There’s always this misconception by many career driven people that marriage is not an achievement I often come across that phrase on the media and I noticed that majority of people saying it are younger people, probably single and still in their twenties, of course they have all the right to say that because that is the time when most people try to find their purpose and discover themselves, majority really don’t have time for such at that age, most are busy pursuing purpose or still feeling they have enough time in this world before marriage so it can be very easy to conclude that marriage is not an achievement.

However, I’m sure most married people will not agree with that because being married is not always easy or done on a platter of gold considering the time, dedication and effort put into it to make it work in fact marriage is a career on its own, it is not everybody that will succeed doing it just like other aspects of life. The only reason why marriage might not be an achievement is when a life decision has been made by someone to remain single for life, on that basis, I would say it is not an achievable thing for that particular individual in question not everybody.

Furthermore, I think it is very essential to understand the meaning of the word achievement before concluding and from Oxford advanced learner's dictionary, 8th edition it defines achievement as a thing that somebody has done successfully, especially using their own effort and skills or in my own way a particular goal reached successfully as a result of making an effort towards it. From the definition, that particular goal or thing is not mentioned meaning anything one succeed in doing is an achievement, in addition, being married requires serious effort and even skills to do successfully, sometimes those in marriage or about to do so will often seek counsel to learn and prepare them for the future ahead. In fact, some people ended up marrying the wrong partner and for that reason died eventually or ruined as a result, the reality is nobody wishes such misery for themselves hence getting a good partner becomes extremely difficult. So for those irritated by marriage, never condemn the effort of others in their marriage just because you decided not to, had a bad marriage or can’t find a better partner and so have refused to notice the importance.

In conclusion, marriage has helped to curb the act of immorality in the society in a way as I imagined what would have happened if such idea is not in existence. Marriage means so much to the society and from the idea families are created, societies expanded more and more, so for someone not to attach any significance to it because of their own experience is selfish and unfair. Marriage to me is an achievement in one’s life and to achieve it one need beyond the mouth.


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