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Manchester united should stabilize their starting 11 and sell some of their players

If I am to be a coach in the future, it’s certain that Jose Mourinho would be my mentor because he’s a true definition of great football manager who has achieved a lot in football, earning himself many trophies and awards and still counting he’s one of those coach I will bet my money on to win a game and will surely not disappoint. Nonetheless, except for this 2017/2018 season it seemed like the tables have shifted, looking like he might finish this season without any trophy as manager of Manchester United a club he took over previous season ago. Well, this explains that things could go wrong at times in life, but what matters most is our attitude towards the ups and downs. Anyways, with the way things are going with the United team I think the problem is the unstable rotation of their starting eleven and it seems to me that the majority of the footballers does not fit into Mourinho’s defensive, counter attacking system and thus some of the players should be sold to other clubs interested in their services to purchase the ones that'll fit into his pattern, I don’t see any reason why United should keep them in the team.

The changes made to the starting eleven is too much, that is, it is not the position a player plays today in a particular game he will play tomorrow in another game also the squad is rotated too often regardless of injury, for instance Paul Pogba might start today while Ander Herrera may be the one tomorrow and this can affect the players' performance negatively. Jose Mourinho needs to figure those players that fit into his pattern and make sure they are stabilized starting eleven instead of changing them in every game like clothes.

Finally, I believe figuring out a very excellent constant game starter while the rest are made substitutes will do the trick for United and the selections must possess a winning mentality else I don’t see the team winning trophies in the coming season.


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