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Lesson’s learned in As Roma vs Barcelona game

The game between AS Roma and FC Barcelona on 11TH of April 2018 ended in an unbelievable fashion, a second leg tie which many perceived to be the last for As Roma in this season’s champions league later turned out to be a form of miracle for As Roma winning with a 3 goal margin without conceding, overturning a 4-1 loss at the Nou camp to Barcelona thereby proceeding through on away goal, it’s a shock exit for one of the giant club in Europe, which shouldn’t have been to a club like As Roma because looking at their status, finance and even players they are no match to a club sometimes referred to as Almighty in that regard, however many things happen in the world of football and that’s why it’s one of the most entertaining game of Sport, no matter what expect the unexpected to happen, this game has now emerge as one of the greatest comebacks in UEFA Champions league history. Anyways, there’s always one or two lessons to learn in an historic game in which the invisible were made visible and outclassed completely by a weaker team and they are:

Do not give up so fast

At times in life the situation may seem like one has been defeated and so the feeling of being defeated may weigh us down, however, never let your situation decide for you, decide your situation yourself, have a winning mindset even though the situation looks stronger and you will definitely do it if you believe. This is what As Roma demonstrated to a club much stronger than them when it seemed like the end of the road for them in the competition. It is not over until it is really.

Don’t finalize too early

I believe Barcelona concluded too early on their victory by allowing the joy of the first leg 4-1 thrashing to overwhelm them, thereby losing concentration which leads to their shock exit in the competition for the third time in a row. Therefore, don’t finalize too early, make sure you get to the finish line before you do so.

No matter your strata it can be changed for better

This feeling alone can be a good motivation one need at times to forge ahead, when you have it at the back of your mind that you deserve better, then there’s nothing to really worry about in life even though you’re treated less because the understanding that pain doesn’t last forever will be there. Truly, we all deserve better, whether poor or rich, big or small since we all belong to that same community called life. I believe it is one of As Roma realization, they refused to belittle themselves, even when it looks like they’re little and have lost the first leg by a huge goal margin but kept all hope alive.

Always do your best

Always put in your best effort to goals you’re trying to achieve, also note that putting enough effort in something doesn’t really imply freedom from disappointments, one would be disappointed at times even after working very hard but not giving up and continuing input of best effort is what matters most. That is what As Roma did in the second leg, they lost the first leg even after playing well and played the second leg like they have nothing to lose, their dedication and effort put into the game is so obvious and this is the kind of example we need to emulate as we move on in life.

Stay strong from the beginning till the end

Showing no sign of weakness is essential in the pursuit of success, it doesn’t always have to come easy, but it is important to not relent this is simply what As Roma did, if they had shown any sign of weakness in that game they would have been punished. Hence it is vital to fight from the beginning till the end without relenting. Stay strong always.

Lastly, if things like this does not occur in football we’ll all be tired of following it so things like this makes football more interesting and therefore we should embrace such moment not condemn or find fault with anybody because it is really nobody’s fault that it occurred it’s just meant to occur.


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