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3 reasons fixing is impossible in As Roma, Barcelona match

This is in response to some die-hard Barca/Messi fans who said the game was fixed a shallow way of thinking in which I feel people making such claim are only doing it to justify that Lionel Messi is better than Cristiano Ronaldo, they are jealous that Cristiano Ronaldo is edging towards another Champions League trophy. Well the reality is that these two greats will always be great even if physical discovery proves that one out of the two is the better player because they have both dominated the game for so long and it's so obvious  that their glory have outshine that of others, isn’t that great?. Thus why can’t we just enjoy the little time remaining for them on the pitch instead of the criticism and comparison.However, I’m certain the match against Roma and Barcelona was not fixed for this 3 reasons.

The whole world is watching  

Come to think of it, UEFA champions league is not just viewed and loved by Europeans only, the whole world is watching, especially a game that involves Lionel Messi one of the greatest in this era of football. If the match was fixed the question is does it mean that Messi doesn’t want to add another champions league title to his number besides match fixing would have been too obvious, everyone watching the match are not fools some of them would have noticed the unfortunate event which can tarnish the credibility of the football governing body

Strict FIFA/UEFA rule

We all know that FIFA/UEFA rules and policies are very strict and does not condone malpractices, if anyone is caught doing that they could face long time ban and in football its better to play than to be banned because if such is the case the club involved may soon enter into financial problems for not playing so it's better to play and lose and still make money than not play at all.

Roma’s determination

Even though Roma is viewed as a lesser team compared to Barcelona their determination simply won them the match if you watched the game or the highlight of the game you could see that they are determined to win the game. Roma deserves to win the match because looking at the stat they had more shot on goal, defended well than Barcelona. Barcelona’s loss in concentration resulted in their elimination.

So there’s no need to start claiming what’s not, the better side won the game. 
Therefore, with this 3 reasons it will be very difficult to fix such game.


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