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12 short romantic love texts

One of the primary need of human beings is to love and to be loved, the love can be for one's parents, child, wife and others however relationship is the key aspect of this article. Sometimes one may be far away from his/her lover and so sending them a love text can make a huge difference and prove to them how romantic one is. Therefore, here are 12 short romantic love text that can help prove that one really loves his/her partner so much. Enjoy.


When I tell you “I love you” I don’t say it out 
of habit or to start a conversation but to 
remind you that you are the best thing 
that ever happened to me.


Even if my soul dies the ashes will still love you.


You have no idea of how fast my heart beat 
whenever I see you because I love you.


My love for you is simply out of control that 
even in my next life I will still choose you.


Love stories starts with a “yes” but the most 
beautiful ones start with a “no” and 
ends with a “yes”. This is our journey so far. 
I love you.


Without you in my life I will be like the sun 
without a shining light. I love you.


Love is not only made for lovers, it is also for 
friends who loves each other better than lovers. 
Thanks for being a great friend.


A true friend is very hard to find, difficult to 
lose and impossible to forget. 
You are no exception.


If my life was a book, I would like you 
to fill the middle to the last page.


The worst feeling is pretending I don’t care about you, 
when you are all I seem to think about. 
I love you.


I will be like a heart without beats 
if you never appeared in my life. 
I love you.


Living without you will make my life a faith 
without believe, a moon without the night 
and a sky without the stars. I love you.
By adekola ideraoluwa

Hope you found the perfect one. Go ahead copy and send to show that you truly love them. Thanks for the copy.


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