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Our leaders are humans, not God

This article arises as a result of the event that occurred on the 29th of March 2018 in which the President of the federal republic of Nigeria visited Lagos state, thereby leading to a major road being blocked in the state, an event that should have succeeded in instigating smile on the faces of the people but rather produced an unsuitable moment for the people wondering about their own businesses. I want to put into our leaders that they are humans, not God, whereas even the creator’s visitation would not warrant road blocks.

Although it won’t be fair to blame only the president for such ferocious deed without the inclusion of other government officials as a whole, from governors to senators to ministers and so on, they are all guilty of this act of ferocity because I can’t fathom any reason why a major road had to be blocked for the visit of a leader not even a great leader, an under-performing leader who hasn’t really done exceedingly in creating an enabling environment for the people he/she leads besides they should have made provision for an alternative route or announce earlier that the road will be blocked on the basis of the presidential visitation instead of deliberately letting people figure it out spontaneously thus making the situation become unbearable. As stated by a witness who got caught up by the sudden incident; many had to trek miles just to get to their destination because of the terrible hold up caused as a result.

Furthermore, leadership position is not viewed as a platform of attaining equity or equilibrium among the people anymore, but somewhat a platform of injustice, corruption, wastefulness etc. Majority of our leaders has used the platform to idolize themselves for people to worship, they want to be seen anywhere they go simply for the purpose of self-worth and not team worth, I would simply call that “greediness on rampage”.

Finally, this should stand as a reminder to our “life till infinity leaders” that they are just like every other human being that will pass away in no time, most importantly it is better to use this platform to create meaning and a difference in the lives of other people not using it as an opportunity to oppress others because “whatsoever you sow you shall reap”.         


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