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Our leaders are humans, not God

This article arises as a result of the event that occurred on the 29th of March 2018 in which the President of the federal republic of Nigeria visited Lagos state, thereby leading to a major road being blocked in the state, an event that should have succeeded in instigating smile on the faces of the people but rather produced an unsuitable moment for the people wondering about their own businesses. I want to put into our leaders that they are humans, not God, whereas even the creator’s visitation would not warrant road blocks.

Although it won’t be fair to blame only the president for such ferocious deed without the inclusion of other government officials as a whole, from governors to senators to ministers and so on, they are all guilty of this act of ferocity because I can’t fathom any reason why a major road had to be blocked for the visit of a leader not even a great leader, an under-performing leader who hasn’t really done exceedingly in creating an enabling environment for the peop…

UEFA champions league quarter final games to never miss

Gradually as we are nearing the end of another interesting and entertaining season of football in Europe elite club's competition, the UEFA champions league quarter final fixtures now available with some of the draws predictable and others unpredictable. I have decided to compile the list of games to never miss in the quarter final a very tough draw indeed.

1. Juventus FC and Real Madrid game

Will this be a repeat of 2016/2017 final in Cardiff, England? Well we shall know in a matter weeks’ time. It promises to be the biggest and toughest draw so far and it’s a game to never miss, an entertaining game to be between two giants of Europe.

2. Liverpool and Manchester City game

If I was told earlier before the draw that both will be drawn against each other I wouldn't have believed it either way they've been paired together. This is another tough game to watch which I will term battle of the titans considering the huge rivalry between Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp. Who will …

I think Mourinho and his men under-rated Sevilla

Looking into yesterday's game between Manchester united and Sevilla at Old Trafford which resulted in a huge blow for United. It is really disappointing to see United crash out of the champions league Round of 16 this season against a team like Sevilla a team I feel United under-rated and this cost them a place in the Quarter final.
Initially, nobody would have believed it that Sevilla would put through against United because their form this season in the domestic league and even the champions league have not been fantastic either way United also have not put up an superb performance recently but have surely performed better. Firstly the main reason why I think United underestimated Sevilla is that I don't understand how the first leg ended in a goalless draw in the first place United should have emulated their Premier league counterparts, the likes of Liverpool and Manchester City, in the first leg at the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan stadium. Secondly, in the second leg at Old Traffo…