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The future of Rap music in Nigeria

It is quite exciting the manner in which the Nigerian entertainment industry has rapidly grown over the decades, most especially the music industry. It is quite a transformation story from the time of poor video shootings to a time of non-flawed video shootings we can’t deny the influence hip-hop had on our music in which a mixture of hip-hop with our own cultural flavour resulted into Afrobeat a genre now widely accepted both locally and internationally all I could say is well done for the patience and hard work garnered together to reach such a milestone nonetheless currently not much can be said of rap music a subgenre of Afrobeat/Hip-hop in Nigeria anymore, I think with the latest happenings rap music one of the pillars of Afrobeat/Hip-hop is gradually fading off the scene in the Nigerian music industry and the reason been the switch ups of most prominent A-list rappers to singers which may cause which may cause a serious setback to rap music in Nigeria.

Recently MI one of Nigerian well known rapper who refused to switch, but stayed true to rap music released a new song titled “you rappers should fix up your life” which many people tagged a beef song (meaning quarrel song), however in my own candid opinion, I don’t think the song is a beef song because he never mentioned anybody’s name and again, I think the switch ups are getting out of hand and if nothing is done, it may result to something else so someone just has to speak up before it gets out of hand, these rappers are supposed to leave a legacy behind or be a mentor to the upcoming rappers. If the switch ups continue without minimization there is only one message, it's sending across to upcoming rappers which is rap is not working anymore, don’t be a rapper eventually leading to rap music leaving the Nigerian music scene completely very soon.

Also, Nigeria has been the powerhouse of music in Africa, including rap music; we can’t just stop at this point and back off rendering our hard work and effort in the music industry over the years obsolete. Let’s analyse a line in that MI song which goes like this
Yah getting killed by the south

in my opinion, what he said in that line is the reality, even sometimes when I want to listen to latest rap songs this day I unconsciously want to listen to either Casper Nyovest of South Africa or an American new rap song and gradually South Africa rap is taking over our minds in which I feel they will take over completely if we don’t sit up.

In addition, MI was heavily criticized for his moves towards change which is definitely normal because in everything you do some are going to support while some would criticize and some said, after all, American rappers are switching as well I believe the people saying this don’t understand that it’s not all rappers in America that are switching, in fact, many of them still stick to whatever they are doing but here in Nigeria, almost every rapper has switched to singing even those you never expect to switch. I’m not making it a priority for musicians to do a specific kind of music though but we need to ask ourselves the reasons why rappers are switching in order to help keep our rap music alive in Nigeria before it dies completely from the scene.

Lastly, if nothing is done to these switch-ups of our so-called rappers I see rap music fade off and decline completely from the Nigerian market. It is time to revive and make rap music better in Nigeria. We should be talking about solving the challenges facing rap music rather than criticizing those clamouring for improvement of rap in Nigeria. Let’s bring back rap music to its top position again in the Nigerian music industry.


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