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Ojay - Take Over lyrics

Ojay is back with another hit single titled “Take Over” written in English and Nigerian Pidgin English. Check the lyrics below. Enjoy.

Writer: Ojay
Song title: Take over
Language: English and Pidgin English 

Huuuuuuuu hu, yeeee ye e ye e ye
Ojay! Ojay!! eeeee
Take over (2ce)

We dey take over the world now
We are born to rule
Born to king
Born to multiply
Anything you do, you will reap

Do good my brother
See my music dey get to the top
Taking over the world
World! World!! Right now

We take over
We take over  (3ce)
We take over

We take over

Verse 1(Rap)
Anywhere we go, anywhere we find ourselves
We take over
This is how we run the game
How we getting fame ha
Day by day
Back in those days, man no dey sleep, man dey awake
Up all night
Now my time don come hustle dey pay ha
I dey alright
Ha, so tush now so porsh now
Fresh, fresh so fresh
Gradually getting near
Spiritually, spiritually done with there
Ha, that level we don pass
That level is not ours
We soaring higher
Everything is working now
See we no go, go down 
Downward never
Them be think say I no fit make am
Story changed baba don do am
Now we’re reaching, reaching turning point
We take over

Chorus again

Verse 2(rap)
Too much money
Too much swag
Hard work, hard work mixed with talent
Everything together yields a result
So many things we own
Many, many,…, many things we control
Sure, career just going up
Nothing can interrupt
Every day, every time all we do is develop
Easy it’s not over
When life hit you cool temper
Stay calm don’t bother
Always learn to start over
Every day my team is working
To give Ojay that boosting
Mouth can’t say what we’ve been through
But right now we breakthrough
See, so much blessings in our life
As we look up to the skies
Always growing never dies
I dey achieve my dreams (2ce)
Take over

Chorus again

Moving, moving higherrrr
No coming down
Any place wey we enterrrr
Take control
Always grateful and joyful
We celebrate
Too much favour, standing ovation

That’s what we get

We take over
We take over  (3ce)
We take over

We take over


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