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The future of Rap music in Nigeria

It is quite exciting the manner in which the Nigerian entertainment industry has rapidly grown over the decades, most especially the music industry. It is quite a transformation story from the time of poor video shootings to a time of non-flawed video shootings we can’t deny the influence hip-hop had on our music in which a mixture of hip-hop with our own cultural flavour resulted into Afrobeat a genre now widely accepted both locally and internationally all I could say is well done for the patience and hard work garnered together to reach such a milestone nonetheless currently not much can be said of rap music a subgenre of Afrobeat/Hip-hop in Nigeria anymore, I think with the latest happenings rap music one of the pillars of Afrobeat/Hip-hop is gradually fading off the scene in the Nigerian music industry and the reason been the switch ups of most prominent A-list rappers to singers which may cause which may cause a serious setback to rap music in Nigeria.

Recently MI one of Nigerian…

Ojay - Take Over lyrics

Ojay is back with another hit single titled “Take Over” written in English and Nigerian Pidgin English. Check the lyrics below. Enjoy.

Writer: Ojay Song title: Take over Language: English and Pidgin English 
Intro: Huuuuuuuu hu, yeeee ye e ye e ye Ojay! Ojay!! eeeee Take over (2ce)
Chorus: We dey take over the world now We are born to rule Born to king Born to multiply Anything you do, you will reap
Do good my brother See my music dey get to the top Taking over the world World! World!! Right now