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What do you stand for?

For years, Nigerians have been blaming its government for the Country’s setbacks. Though it is understandable to blame the government, however, we’ve never seen ourselves as accomplices to the madness that has ravaged our system. A typical Nigerian prejudiced against those who regard values in morals and ethics viewing them as a menace to the society.  For our society to grow we must fumigate some disastrous viruses before it spreads to the coming generation. It is obvious that majority of us have compromised our beliefs and if we hunger for positive change it must begin with every one of us.

2019 elections are fast approaching and while waiting to vote are we questioning the credibility of the candidates, scrutinizing their creativity, investigating their assets and integrity or we just want to trade our votes for food, money, tribal & religious differences and other forms of discrimination? The last time elections were held people said the Yoruba tribe are betrayers because they decided to vote Buhari instead of Jonathan. I remember vividly that President Jonathan’s tenure was a period of hardship which is the same as the current President Buhari’s reign. Don’t get me wrong, the Yoruba tribe voted for Buhari because they thought things would change for better. Their trials failed but it’s not a medium to turn Jonathan into a hero. We all know he has done nothing just like his successor, so we shouldn’t support the unjust way our leaders have treated us over the years for selfish reasons. This, however, makes our society vulnerable. Currently, our problem is internal and we are adding to it. Kleptocracy is a norm for us to the point that people striving to fight it are not given the support needed. Our country is left in a porous state and it is liable to fall at any time.    

Nepotism and Favouritism is another issue that needs urgent intervention in our country, he/she is my brother/sister or a powerful Politician so that justifies everything they do and we hate to admit mischievous act carried out by a relative of ours. A while ago, I was speaking about becoming a politician with a relative of mine and the next thing he said was if that happens I must fix him up with a political position the statement happened to discourage me because I now understand that I will be compelled to fix almost everyone in the family to political positions if I eventually achieve the dream in which failure to do so would make me evil in the eyes of my relatives. I feel we need to get our thinking right, doing the right thing is not perceived right anymore but rather opposite.

While we think the governments are to be blamed for our country’s detrimental challenges we should also accept our fault for being supporters of this Kratocracy, Kleptocracy and Nepotocracy race. It is time to sensitize our mindset towards possibility, positivity, love, peace and unity. I stand for good governance and good people.

What do you stand for?


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