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Questions to ask on restructuring Nigeria

Some of our Patriots are making us see the reasons why Nigeria needs restructure suggesting in some articles and write-ups that ‘restructure is the most needed solution now’. Thus, as we consider restructuring we also need to ask ourselves these following questions.

Who will restructure Nigeria?

This is the first question Nigerians need to ask. We need to know those restructuring the Country to be able to forge ahead as a Nation. It must be restructured on credibility, transparency, planning, campaign and fund

What are the disadvantages and advantages?

We need to embrace the disadvantages as well as advantages because the road to success is not a smooth one. The Government must enlighten the people and make them aware of the strengths and weaknesses to make a better Nation.

Does the current Government support restructuring?

We need to know if the Government supports this agenda with good intentions and not an avenue to extort its own People. Therefore, it is mandatory for the Government to have the interest of its Country’s progress at heart.

Will restructuring Nigeria lead to her growth?

Growth should be the main goal of restructuring. Growth is needed in all spheres and sectors in Nigeria. If after restructuring the country growth is not achieved, then the reason for restructuring is useless. It needs to result in positive achievements.

Will Nigerians be involved in the restructuring process?

This involves Nigerians of all works of life including the young, old, rich, poor, ethnicity, students and the workforce. It requires the full support and participation of people in the Nigerian Society.

What is the role of the youth in the restructuring process?

If the youth does not participate, then the purpose of restructuring will be defeated. The Youth are the key players in the change game the Country is aiming for.

What does the future hold?

Planning for the future will help the restructuring process achieve its main aim. If we do not plan, then the whole process will be a waste of time and resources.

Lastly, we can solve Nigeria’s problems with restructuring, but we need to go about it the right way and with the Country’s interest at heart. This will yield more positive than negative results but whatever the results, we need to embrace it wholeheartedly as this is the road to the change we’ve been yearning.


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