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Factors that may hinder restructuring in Nigeria

I am so happy that Nigerians are beginning to see the need for a great change because we are now standing up for our beliefs, rights and demanding for accountability, transparency and good governance that will benefit the Nigerian People and its future generation. In recent times, we hardly hear or read news outlet without coming across restructuring Nigeria. Today, it is a trending discussion which can only be achieved with perseverance and continuous clamour besides achieving greatness has never been an easy task especially in a multi-ethnic setting like ours.
For once with our diversity and population, we are on the same page of discussion to re-organize Nigeria in an effective way. However, I’ve been doubtful on the execution of the restructuring process considering the state of the Nation. Highlighted below are the factors that may hinder restructuring;

Bad Governance

To be honest, if the people that will restructure the country does not have good intentions towards the Nation it’s a waste of time and nothing will work. Although, we’ve heard that the likes of retired Gen. Babangida, former VP Atiku Abubakar and other past leaders are now asking for the restructuring of the Nation. They did not do it, fight for it or help put the Country in the right shape when they were in power. One of My favourite adage which says, “Opportunity Knocks once in a lifetime” simply states that they had the opportunity to change the Country for good and set a legacy for their Protegees, but they refused to make things right because they were busy robbing 120,000,000 people of their wealth and smiling to their Swiss bank accounts.
Recently, in the electronic media some of our leaders discussing restructuring are the State Governors and knowing fully well that most State Governors have not fulfilled the promises they made during their campaigns, this is enough to discourage the whole idea of restructuring and might end up yielding nothing.


A typical Nigerian should just admit that they don’t want things to work because of greed. This is where corruption comes in. An article on states that “we need to stop falling for the propaganda that corruption is actually the biggest problem in Nigeria! That corruption is merely a symptom”. It further stated that “………. the unitary system of government we operate is built on corruption and needed corruption to survive” and concluded that “….if we restructure corruption will not be felt……” This is very untrue because if the restructuring process is built on corruption then it will still need corruption for survival just like the unitary system. In other words, if we eliminate corruption and our selfish interests the restructuring process will work.


I believe most people clamouring for restructuring do not understand the meaning and the reasons for restructuring the Nation. The people demanding for restructuring have to understand the need, the importance, its positive & negative effects. If we want it to work then more awareness must be created to enlighten the people of this needed great change.

Inadequate Planning

As we all know, we live in a country that is not well planned and even if planned we don’t follow the plan and we might just restructure without reviewing future outcomes and making an adequate plan and a project that is not well planned cannot be well carried out. Nigerians are hopeful People and our aspirations will turn out well If we plan adequately.

Conclusively, we must sanitize the Country to achieve the change we desire with good intentions, transparency, awareness and proper planning. It is inevitable for the desired change to be achieved if The Government is still working in its own selfish interest. Restructuring with the wrong intentions won’t solve our challenges and won’t bring the great change. We must embrace positivity to succeed as a Nation.    



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