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Questions to ask on restructuring Nigeria

Some of our Patriots are making us see the reasons why Nigeria needs restructure suggesting in some articles and write-ups that ‘restructure is the most needed solution now’. Thus, as we consider restructuring we also need to ask ourselves these following questions.

Who will restructure Nigeria?
This is the first question Nigerians need to ask. We need to know those restructuring the Country to be able to forge ahead as a Nation. It must be restructured on credibility, transparency, planning, campaign and fund

What are the disadvantages and advantages?
We need to embrace the disadvantages as well as advantages because the road to success is not a smooth one. The Government must enlighten the people and make them aware of the strengths and weaknesses to make a better Nation.

Does the current Government support restructuring?
We need to know if the Government supports this agenda with good intentions and not an avenue to extort its own People. Therefore, it is mandatory for the Government to…

What do you stand for?

For years, Nigerians have been blaming its government for the Country’s setbacks. Though it is understandable to blame the government, however, we’ve never seen ourselves as accomplices to the madness that has ravaged our system. A typical Nigerian prejudiced against those who regard values in morals and ethics viewing them as a menace to the society.  For our society to grow we must fumigate some disastrous viruses before it spreads to the coming generation. It is obvious that majority of us have compromised our beliefs and if we hunger for positive change it must begin with every one of us.

2019 elections are fast approaching and while waiting to vote are we questioning the credibility of the candidates, scrutinizing their creativity, investigating their assets and integrity or we just want to trade our votes for food, money, tribal & religious differences and other forms of discrimination? The last time elections were held people said the Yoruba tribe are betrayers because they …

Factors that may hinder restructuring in Nigeria

I am so happy that Nigerians are beginning to see the need for a great change because we are now standing up for our beliefs, rights and demanding for accountability, transparency and good governance that will benefit the Nigerian People and its future generation. In recent times, we hardly hear or read news outlet without coming across restructuring Nigeria. Today, it is a trending discussion which can only be achieved with perseverance and continuous clamour besides achieving greatness has never been an easy task especially in a multi-ethnic setting like ours. For once with our diversity and population, we are on the same page of discussion to re-organize Nigeria in an effective way. However, I’ve been doubtful on the execution of the restructuring process considering the state of the Nation. Highlighted below are the factors that may hinder restructuring;

Bad Governance
To be honest, if the people that will restructure the country does not have good intentions towards the Nation it’…