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Sex an act of love making

Sex is the insertion and thrusting of the male penis into the female vagina for pleasure or reproduction. Other forms of sexual intercourse are oral and anal sex which still gives pleasure. It can also be a business transaction, an act of manipulation, an act of violence, a spiritual act and so on but our focus here is pleasure between two lovers while love is the joining of two souls.

The coming together of two healthy bodies in a warm bed or atmosphere is where intimacy is renewed again and again. The two lovers agree wholeheartedly to come together and become one on the bed of love.

This title was chosen to remind us that love is something we make and not find. It is easy to get naked and have sex because people do it all the time. But opening one’s soul to someone and letting them see one’s thoughts, fears, hopes, spirit and dreams, that’s really being naked.

‘Sex’ implies two bodies involved in a sexual act for individual pleasure while 'lovemaking' suggests that two souls are in an emotional and loving relationship. Whereas, in the case of a ‘one night stand’, ‘rape’ or ‘paid sex’ it is obvious that one party is satisfying his or her sexual needs.

There are many types of Lovemaking i.e. non-sexual pleasures, talking dirty, foreplay and kissing are ways Lovers express themselves.

However, sex and lovemaking are sacred and best on the matrimonial bed. Although many unmarried people tread on this shallow waters for their pleasure however there is more to this act than meets the eyes.


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