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Electricity a bacteria on the Nigerian economy

Recently, I read that the Vice President of Nigeria talked about boosting the Country’s economy. This headline raised my interest to read the whole story because this is one of the major things the Country needs to discuss. I realized that constant electricity was not included in the VP’s plan for an economic boost. Besides, is there any Country in the World that improved its economy without electricity? It’s simple when you get your priorities right, it will yield positive results.

Now let’s do some simple analysis whenever we talk about a country’s economy we are simply talking about goods and services involving money; trade, employment, productivity and consumption which enhances income for individuals, organizations and most importantly a Nation. These are the things that boost and adds value to a Nation’s economy.

Stable electricity helps to improve security and this can attract foreign investors to the country. This secures a Nation’s economy and improves the welfare of its citizens. Nigeria as the most populous black Nation, investors understand that the possibility of making profit is very high. When the investment is high this will increase productivity which requires more services from people, more jobs will be created and before you know it the living standard of its Citizens will improve creating a win-win situation whereby the Country and its people benefit altogether.

Honestly speaking, stable electricity will cause a major improvement in all sectors and institutions of a Nation from educational, financial, agricultural, Health etc.

In conclusion, electricity is one of the most important things needed to boost an economy it is the good bacteria that helps a Nation live long, healthy and function properly. 


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