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Blogging tips for beginners (Part 5)

Essential items that should be added to a blog article

When it comes to blog content it’s not just about creating contents that will be ranked high by google but creating a user-friendly, attractive and traffic driven contents. You don’t want to write an article that people will hiss at or close immediately and even if you do, there are items that can spice up the content attracting readers to read the content. Apart from creating contents, whenever you promote your article whether on social media or directories you will only share the link not the whole article and if there is one of this item in your article it will be shown alongside your link thereby driving traffic/attracting readers if they love the item you added. In fact, adding one of these items can make the article interesting and can help readers understand the point easily. Here are the essential items.

1. Images/Pictures

Images/pictures is one of the essential items that should be added to a blog article reason been that when you add image to your post it helps to make it more interesting and if it is an image that explains the content of the article it will help readers understand the article better or give them hint on what they’re about to read. Adding an image/picture may not work all the time so that is why you should add one or two of the items on this list to your blog post and images/pictures should be a sure addition in most cases to propagate attraction.

2. Videos

Though getting videos to your post may not be an easy task to carry out due to equipment and the energy it requires to make a video but if you are capable of making a video either financially by paying others or by yourself I’ll suggest you make a video and add it to your blog post if necessary however it is not a do or die affair to add video if your blog is not a vlog. You should only add video if you want to give people sound prove of your article, an image proves may not be enough sometimes. So embedding a quality video to your blog post can help drive traffic.

3. Chart

When we say chart it means a sheet of information in the form of a table, graph or diagram so depending on the article if it requires a table, graph or diagram it is very essential to add it to your blog post adding it will help describe the information in the article better especially a statistical article.

Finally, whether you’re able to write the most fantastic articles or not if any of these essential items above is not found in your article then expect your readers to skip it or tag it boring. Addition of these items gives life to your blog post in other words; do not ignore the addition of these essential items in your blog post.

Note: Knowing how, when and where to use them is also very important don’t add videos where you are supposed to add a chart or image. Understanding how, when and where to add these items must not be overlooked in order not to turn the readers away.   


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