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There is no specific time to be in a relationship

Just like most of us delay our joy and happiness till finish line finding love is also something we postpone till further notice we usually say when I achieve this or that I will start dating anyways letting you know that being in a relationship has no specific time in as much as you’ve reach that certain age to be in relationship if you feel like dating someone go ahead don’t delay it using unattained things as excuse it doesn’t stop you from achieving success in life unless one is foolish in handling it, achievement should not define our love life moreover finding love before attaining huge success in life plays a vital role in our love life rather than wait for success before making moves gone at those days when our parent advise us against it however a time will come when the whole pressure to be in love will majorly come from our parent besides they didn’t support initially because it’s not yet time for it.

Basically, I’ve been living my life base on this believe that dating should be done after making huge money even though it’s something on my want list I usually tell myself when I get to this level or get to that level, by the way I was a dreamer who thought life would get easier the more I grow. It all started in Secondary School (High School) challenges as at the time made me decide that when I get to University I would be dating. Time came and I was admitted into University the challenges that confronted me was way bigger than that of High School I said to myself again that when I’m done solving University challenges I would find love. Again I’m done with University now a graduate new set of challenges bigger than that of university has confronted me and I’ve just finally realized that the more we move or grow from one level to another, the bigger the challenges presented whereas I’ve been lying to myself all this years without knowing that life is filled with challenges from the day we were born till the day we die.

Whether we like it or not dating is always the phase 1 of every long lasting relationship we see today so anyone who wish to marry must first date thus it is important to be in relationship although I’m not encouraging people to go into serial fornication a system of dating or having sex with every girl/boy around I’m not a supporter of it but I’m talking about serious relationship if you feel like.

So this is an opportunity to tell those who thinks like me that there is no specific time to be in a relationship, date when it’s due time and don’t wait for a right time that will never come but that's only if you want it else no need to go into relationships.    

Note: The Author of this article is not a relationship expert just sharing an experience and giving an opinion base on the experience. For more help consult a relationship expert. 


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