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Don’t start a blog if this is your motive towards it

Opening a blog can be a good way to gain online presence but it would be otherwise if you start it for the wrong reasons. Mentioned here are few reasons that should never be your motive when starting a blog. If that is your motive then you should change because it will yield nothing.

1. Quick income

If your ideology of starting a blog is to make money quick very sorry to inform you that blogging is not money rituals that yield result immediately after starting. Those whose success came from blogging did not just reach the mark overnight it took them years of hard work and patience before they finally get their payback. So if making money quickly is your reason for starting a blog you need to re-strategize and change the idea else don’t just start because it is an assurance you won’t like the experience and it can lead you to give up quickly. You don’t start earning immediately after you open a blog it requires a better plan, patience and hard work.

2. Friends sake

So because your friend started to blog or told you to do it, therefore, you think it is the way for you and then you decided to go for it my question for you is do you like it or want it, is it from your heart or you just opened it to satisfy someone. If that is the reason you opened a blog I wish you good luck with it. It is never best idea to start a blog if it is not from your mind, do it because you love doing it else don’t bother starting the blog or rather you’ll end up in frustration. Don’t do something you don’t like for the sake of anybody it’s your life not their own.

3. To Compete

Do not start a blog to overtake other people’s success; your blog is about you, not other people. So if to compete is the reason behind your blog then I’ll suggest you close the blog because the blog won’t last long. Be informed that competition kills, stay in your lane while I stay on mine should be our thoughts; it should be about being better day by day not better than others. Nonetheless always learn from others and don’t compete with them.

4. Popularity

If popularity is your motive behind starting a blog I’ll suggest you research the differences between a weblog and social media for more understanding of how they both work. You must have something to offer if you want to be popular on a weblog which requires serious hard work. In order to start a blog you must have a good purpose towards it, if popularity is what you’re aiming for then you should do that on social media because popularity goal on a blog may not yield result.

5. To insult

If you’re primarily aiming to open a blog in order to insult others I urge you to review the blogging platforms privacy policy and terms of service before you venture into blogging so that you don’t get blocked after opening the blog eventually leading to a waste of time.

6. Attention seeking

You are an attention seeker thinking that starting a blog is your ticket to getting so much attention from people and making enough money I want to let you know that you are very wrong, social media should be the outlet to seek attention not blog because you will end up not earning and getting any attention which will lead to given up quick. I want to urge you to use the needed tools for the job at the right time.

Starting a blog for the wrong reasons would yield nothing in return for such blogger except frustration which can lead to quitting quickly unless a rethink and change of idea occur. Never start a blog for the wrong reasons. If you have any additional information, please do make use of the comment box below.   


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