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Clubs you probably don’t know have won the English top division football league title

The English football league is the oldest professional football league set up in the world, it was founded in 1888 as football league, a top level football league in England with 12 clubs initially participating as at the time and until 1892 when the inclusion of more clubs enabled division system in the league in which its topflight was later named English football league division 1 and until 1992 when a new topflight league was created from the division 1 called the FA premier league. History reveals that for 104 years of its existence as English football league division 1 no single club managed to remain ever present in the division unlike in most other leagues in Europe which clearly illustrate the level of its competitive nature which may be explaining why the later English premier league is so unpredictable and much interesting than some of the leagues in Europe. A total of 24 teams have lifted the English topflight football league trophy and some of this winners have gone unnoticed to many people, majorly outside of the UK, unless those conversant with history of English topflight football league besides it is much easier to remember recent league champions than those of the old time so I have decided to let you know those teams you probably don’t know have lifted the English topflight football league title since its establishment in 1888.

Preston North End FC                                                      

Preston was famously successful during the early years of professional football in England. I'm sure many people don’t know that this club owns an unbreakable record of being the first club to emerge champion of English football league in its first season in 1888/1889. Preston won the league again in 1889/1890 season making them the first to win the league consecutively and have not won the title again since then, Preston currently plays in the second division known as championship in which only people that are familiar with English football league history would even know that a club like Preston exist and has won the top division league before.

Sunderland AFC

Sunderland performance in the Premier League in recent years have not been very fantastic, they were relegated to the second division 2016/2017 season with these I’m sure millions of English premier league fans do not know that they’ve won 6 English topflight football league titles.

Aston Villa FC

For many years now Aston Villa has been a tough side to play in English Premier League but their loss of form sent them relegated to second division (championship) 2016/2017 season and since they’ve won the league last 36years ago many people who are not familiar with English league football history does not know they have won the league 7 times in fact they were once the most successful club in England.

Sheffield United

Sheffield United has won the league once in 1897/1898 season and it’s been a decade now since the club last featured in topflight and in this age of topflight media focus any team not playing in the top division are merely given the attention so I’m very sure a lot of people don’t even know if there is a club named Sheffield United.

The Wednesday

Now known as Sheffield Wednesday has won the league 4 times since their relegation in 2000 we don’t hear about the team anymore. A lot of EPL supporter does not know these teams have won the league before.

Newcastle United

Newcastle United has won 4 league titles and if you don’t research on these teams past success one can easily judge them by their present failure in topflight that they haven’t won any trophy at all.

Blackburn Rovers

Rovers have won the league thrice and they are one of the 5 winners of the English premier league since its inception in 1992.

Everton FC

Everton has won 9 league titles and due to the fact that they are not among recent winners, many people do not know they’ve won the league.

Portsmouth FC

They’ve won 2 consecutive league titles their last since 1949/1950 season. Financial problems caused them to be relegated to the championship (second tier) in 2010 until league 2(fourth tier) and now they got promoted to league 1(third tier) after winning league 2 in 2016/2017 season. Since they’ve been on relegation we’ve not heard about them and many people may not be aware that they’ve won the topflight league in the past.

Tottenham Hotspur

They have won the league twice and due to their popularity, many must have heard that they’ve won the league in the past but many may overlook research on their history although they’ve won the league last since 1960/1961 season due to this reason many may conclude that they are yet to win the league.

Wolverhampton Wanderers

This club has won 3 league titles and currently resides in the championship due to their longtime winning of the first division title and their longtime absence many do not know they’ve won the league title.

West Bromwich Albion

Westbrom has won the league once in 1919/1920 season which is a long time I’m sure many people doesn’t know about it.

Burnley FC

Burnley have 2 league titles to their name and they last won it in 1959/1960 season. They currently play in Championship (Second tier).

Ipswich Town

Town won the league once in 1961/1962 season and currently plays in championship haven appeared last in the top flight since 2001/2002 season.

Leeds United

Leeds has won 3 league titles, in fact, they were the last winner of the English football league division 1 before the top 22 teams in the division colluded to form the EPL in 1992 and they currently play in the championship.

Derby County

They’ve won 2 league titles their last in 1974/1975 season and currently play in the championship.

Nottingham Forest

Forest has won 1 league title and has won 2 consecutive European Cup now known as Champions league I’m sure people don’t know this team anymore. They now play in the championship.

Huddersfield Town

They’ve won 3 consecutive league titles and were the first to achieve the feat before the likes of Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United later reached that mark. The town was promoted back to topflight 2016/2017 season since they’ve been relegated in 1972. If not until this season I personally have not heard about this team.


When asked which club has won the English topflight football league title I’m certain that what comes to our mind would be Chelsea, Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool the strongest title contenders in present English topflight football league (English Premier League) and recent winners of the league we fail to remember that some clubs have once been strong before and due to one issue or the other they lost their media presence and focus. Before a decision is made, make sure to review history first so you don’t make the wrong conclusion.                             


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