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Blogging tips for beginners (Part 4)

Improvement needed after starting a blog

Figuring out something to do online is already a tough task and to now talk of starting that thing is another big headache however creating a blog as a way to build online presence and income is not an easy task considering the criteria, the time required, content quality feed to readers, publicity, competitiveness and much more are all the things that makes it tough thumbs up to those who has built success over the years through blogging and if anybody must accomplish success like them online in this competitive era then you must go through the same tough process meanwhile if you’re a newbie blogger there are some few adjustment you need to do to your blog after opening and have posted some articles on it this adjustment will help the blog to grow more and better.

Optimize your blog template   

Initially, a beginner will usually think that the blog design they started the blog with has no issue whatsoever not until they later realize that most of the templates provided by the platform are not optimized to a professional level. Therefore, optimizing your blog designs (template) is as important as the blog content itself to help build a better user experience if the design is looking horrible then users will not be interested in the blog so the way the blog works, looks and feels would determine how users engage with the blog. Designing a user-friendly blog template will definitely help in improving your blog readers, traffic and quality.

Content promotion

A lot of people would have heard about content promotion many times moreover it is important to keep talking about it until it spread across to the globe this can’t be ignored. Content promotion is a key way to spread information to people, improving on it would be very helpful for your blog. Always remember to share your content on social media, blog directories, forums and much more content writing is just the tip of the iceberg without promoting your content the blog is going nowhere. Study different working strategies to promote your content and improve on it day by day.

Quality of the content

Whenever most bloggers think of content to publish on their blog the only thing that fills up their minds is quantity, that is, the length of the content, they are simply scared that Google will not rank their article if it is not 500 words and above meaning it won’t show up on search engine, well the truth is it isn’t every article that needs to feature on search engine, that should be dependent on the type of article you publish on your blog if it is a research-based article then you can worry about search engine but if it is not research base there should be no need to worry about search engine. The quantity of content does not matter most times but how helpful it is to the users. If your content is lengthy and not helpful then the Google high ranking of your blog has no meaning, your blog won’t get that huge success. So the quality of the content published on the blog is what matters most and it is an aspect that must be improved, make sure you post very interesting content and the content you post each time is better than the previous content, in this way then be patient because the sky is not just the limit but the starting point.

Keyword Optimization

This is another aspect of content marketing that needs improvement if you’re looking forward to search engine. A blogger should take his/her time to do lots of research on keyword optimization and SEO, understanding what your target audiences are searching for is most paramount.

At first when we begin to blog it seems like everything is perfect and simple so until after some months of continuous hard work we then notice there is more to it than just the content, at this point it is important to delve more into research and ask questions in the various forums provided by the blogging platform you’re using for your blog. Anyways mentioned above are the areas that will require improvement once a blog has been started every day henceforth study more and apply those useful tips you read to your blog where necessary. Blogging is not just about reading it is about applying what you read which makes it practical in nature. If you have any additional information, please do make use of the comment box below.


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