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Blogging tips for beginners (Part 3)

Steps to follow in creating your blog

In general, life is a step by step process; same applies to blogging, building a great website, owning a company and other things one is looking up to. You have to complete one process before another there is no shortcut to life. Before starting your blog I’ll recommend you read “blogging tips for beginners Part 1, Part 2” (i.e. useful qualities for beginners and simple tools needed for blogging) on this blog, so make sure you have some of the qualities mentioned in part 1 with the tools. However, in order to finally create the blog of your dreams you need to put these 3 things into consideration.

1. Content (choose your field)

Most people think that the ideas to put in a blog must be an extraordinary idea, however, I want to make it clear to you that no idea is an extraordinary idea, idea is idea no matter what so far it’s a positively helpful idea and it is not compulsory that your ideas must be complete always start with an idea and as you keep on blogging more ideas will flow as time goes on. Always learn to start somewhere “Rome wasn’t built in a day" it was built gradually so you can’t build a blog fully in a day it takes time hence start writing your content with a suitable topic, other topics and subtopics can be added later. Nonetheless, I urge you to always have it at the back of your mind that content is power and it’s important to figure out content that will attract readers don’t waste your time writing content that will not interest people to read. 

2. Name your blog

Sometimes finding a suitable name for a blog can be a little difficult especially when the content on the blog is of diverse ideas. Notwithstanding given your blog a suitable and befitting name is indispensable. Also, give your blog a name that describes the content on it so that when someone sees the link they can easily relate to it and to some extent can guess the things you do on the blog and it mustn’t be too long.

3. Choose a blogging platform

For some people choosing a blogging platform can be very difficult for them since almost every article on the internet about blogging has suggested the WordPress platform for everybody, anyways my suggestion would simply be to go online and search for top blogging site/platform, go through the site thoroughly and choose the one that best suit your content (ideas and reasoning) don’t just choose any platform because someone suggested it. Also look into those which won't require web design experience or much money for maintenance in case you don't have web design skills or much to spend on professionals to help manage because it is not everybody that can persevere with what WordPress has to offer or that would be able to use WordPress effectively so don’t just choose a platform because someone advice you to do so, do a thorough research of the platform yourself before deciding to make it your blogging platform compare it with your ideas to see if something positive can come out of it. However, the WordPress blog is a great platform to blog.

It is important to follow these simple steps for easy understanding of how blogging can be started without any serious thought towards it. Write helpful contents, name your blog and choose a blogging platform for your blog.      

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