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Don’t start a blog if this is your motive towards it

Opening a blog can be a good way to gain online presence but it would be otherwise if you start it for the wrong reasons. Mentioned here are few reasons that should never be your motive when starting a blog. If that is your motive then you should change because it will yield nothing.

1. Quick income
If your ideology of starting a blog is to make money quick very sorry to inform you that blogging is not money rituals that yield result immediately after starting. Those whose success came from blogging did not just reach the mark overnight it took them years of hard work and patience before they finally get their payback. So if making money quickly is your reason for starting a blog you need to re-strategize and change the idea else don’t just start because it is an assurance you won’t like the experience and it can lead you to give up quickly. You don’t start earning immediately after you open a blog it requires a better plan, patience and hard work.

2. Friends sake
So because your friend …

Blogging tips for beginners (Part 4)

Improvement needed after starting a blog

Figuring out something to do online is already a tough task and to now talk of starting that thing is another big headache however creating a blog as a way to build online presence and income is not an easy task considering the criteria, the time required, content quality feed to readers, publicity, competitiveness and much more are all the things that makes it tough thumbs up to those who has built success over the years through blogging and if anybody must accomplish success like them online in this competitive era then you must go through the same tough process meanwhile if you’re a newbie blogger there are some few adjustment you need to do to your blog after opening and have posted some articles on it this adjustment will help the blog to grow more and better.

Optimize your blog template   
Initially, a beginner will usually think that the blog design they started the blog with has no issue whatsoever not until they later realize that most of…

There is no specific time to be in a relationship

Just like most of us delay our joy and happiness till finish line finding love is also something we postpone till further notice we usually say when I achieve this or that I will start dating anyways letting you know that being in a relationship has no specific time in as much as you’ve reach that certain age to be in relationship if you feel like dating someone go ahead don’t delay it using unattained things as excuse it doesn’t stop you from achieving success in life unless one is foolish in handling it, achievement should not define our love life moreover finding love before attaining huge success in life plays a vital role in our love life rather than wait for success before making moves gone at those days when our parent advise us against it however a time will come when the whole pressure to be in love will majorly come from our parent besides they didn’t support initially because it’s not yet time for it.
Basically, I’ve been living my life base on this believe that dating shoul…

Clubs you probably don’t know have won the English top division football league title

The English football league is the oldest professional football league set up in the world, it was founded in 1888 as football league, a top level football league in England with 12 clubs initially participating as at the time and until 1892 when the inclusion of more clubs enabled division system in the league in which its topflight was later named English football league division 1 and until 1992 when a new topflight league was created from the division 1 called the FA premier league. History reveals that for 104 years of its existence as English football league division 1 no single club managed to remain ever present in the division unlike in most other leagues in Europe which clearly illustrate the level of its competitive nature which may be explaining why the later English premier league is so unpredictable and much interesting than some of the leagues in Europe. A total of 24 teams have lifted the English topflight football league trophy and some of this winners have gone unnot…

2018 World Cup qualifying game (Nigeria vs Zambia)

The World Cup qualifying game coming up on Saturday, 7th October 2017 at Uyo between the Super Eagles of Nigeria and the Chipolopolo of Zambia is a match any football fan in Nigeria cannot afford to miss. This is a game that may appear to surprise everyone at the end and as at now, it is a trending topic on local sports programs and outlet. The interesting thing about the game is that a win for Nigeria will secure an automatic ticket while a win for Zambia will raise their hope of qualifying for the world cup in 2018 by closing the gap between both teams so it will be an extremely intense match, however, don't hate me I'm having that feeling that the game might just end in a draw which is not too bad and not too good for both teams this implies that the Super Eagles chance of qualifying for the World Cup will be postponed until the last game against Algeria which we don't want to look forward to though that doesn't mean I'm a very bad fan or unpatriotic Nigerian fo…

Blogging tips for beginners (Part 3)

Steps to follow in creating your blog

In general, life is a step by step process; same applies to blogging, building a great website, owning a company and other things one is looking up to. You have to complete one process before another there is no shortcut to life. Before starting your blog I’ll recommend you read “blogging tips for beginners Part 1, Part 2” (i.e. useful qualities for beginners and simple tools needed for blogging) on this blog, so make sure you have some of the qualities mentioned in part 1 with the tools. However, in order to finally create the blog of your dreams you need to put these 3 things into consideration.

1. Content (choose your field)

Most people think that the ideas to put in a blog must be an extraordinary idea, however, I want to make it clear to you that no idea is an extraordinary idea, idea is idea no matter what so far it’s a positively helpful idea and it is not compulsory that your ideas must be complete always start with an idea and as you keep on…