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Past English topflight football league records that will be very difficult to break

English top-flight football league started as far back as 1888 and have been a yearly contest in sports calendar ever since then apart from some couple of years absence due to world wars interference. After various studies on the league, I noticed that some past set records in the league have stood till date and will be very difficult to overcome in the present day English top-flight football league (English Premier League). So I have decided to share some of these long-standing records which will be very difficult to break.

Team’s record

  • Top-flight title winner at first attempt
This was a record set by Ipswich Town in 1961/1962 season this record still stands till date and will continue to stand for centuries to come I guess. Do you think any first time promoted club to the English Premier League will win the title at first attempt anytime soon? I don’t think so.

  • ·        Most seasons in top-flight overall
114 seasons and still counting, Everton FC

In as much as Everton retains their place in the English Premier League (top-flight) this record cannot be taken from Everton by any other club.
  • ·        Most consecutive seasons in top-flight
90 seasons and still counting, Arsenal FC

Arsenal has been playing in the top tier since 1919 and has remained ever present in the top-flight till date. In order for this record to be broken Arsenal has to go to relegation for some period of seasons which seems almost impossible at the moment.

  • ·        Most wins in a top-flight season
31 win, Tottenham Hotspur (First Division: 1960/1961 season)
Final record (P42 W31 D4 L7)
  • ·        Most wins from the start of a top-flight season
11 win, Tottenham Hotspur (First division: 1960/1961 season)
  • ·        Most consecutive wins in top-flight
14 win, Arsenal (Premier league between 10 Feb 2002 and 24 Aug 2002)
  • ·        Most consecutive home wins in top-flight
21 win, Liverpool (1972)
  • ·        Most consecutive away wins in top-flight
11 win, Chelsea (Premier league between 5 Apr and 6 Dec 2008)
  • ·        100% home win record in a season in top-flight
13 games, Sunderland (First division: 1891/1892 season)

Well, this record has stayed for 3 centuries, wow it’s so amazing how the record managed to survive till this moment. With the competitive level these days I don’t think this record will be broken anytime soon.

  • ·        Most draws in a season
23 draw out of 42 games, Norwich city (First Division: 1978/1979 season)

  • ·        Fewest losses in a season
Joint record of 0 losses

Preston North End (First Division: 1888/1889 season)
Final record (P22 W18 D4 L0)

Arsenal (Premier League: 2003/2004)
Final record (P38 W26 D12 L0)

  • ·        Most points in a season (When 2 points system was awarded for a win)
68 points by Liverpool (First Division: 1978/1979)
P42 W30 D8
  • ·        Most points in a season (When 3 points system was awarded for a win)
95 points by Chelsea (Premier League: 2004/2005)
P38 W29 D8

  • ·        Most top-flight league goals scored in a season
128 goals in 42 games, Aston Villa (First Division: 1930/1931 season)
  • ·        Most away league goals scored in a season
60 goals, Arsenal (First Division: 1930/1931 season)
  • ·        Most consecutive games scoring
55 games, Arsenal (Premier League: 19 May 2001 to 30 Nov 2002)

  • ·        Record win: 12-0 joint record
West Bromwich Albion 12-0 Darwen (First Division, 4 Apr 1892)

Nottingham Forest 12-0 Leicester Fosses (First Division, 21 Mar 1909)

  • ·        Record away win
By 8 goals, joint record

Wolverhampton Wanderers 0-8 West Bromwich Albion (First Division, 27 Dec 1893)

Newcastle 1-9 Sunderland (First Division, 5 Dec 1908)

Cardiff 1-9 Wolverhampton (First Division, 3 Nov 1955)
  • ·        Highest scoring draw: 6-6
Leicester 6-6 Arsenal (First Division, 21 Apr 1930)

Individual’s record

  • ·        Most top-flight league titles won by an individual player
13, Ryan Giggs

  • ·        Most career top-flight goals
357 goals in 516 matches, Jimmy Greaves (1957-1971)
  • ·        Most consecutive top-flight league matches scored in
12 matches and a total of 18 goals by Jimmy Dunne for Sheffield United from 24 Oct 1931 to 1 Jan 1932
  • ·        Most goals in a season
60 goals in 39 matches by Dixie Dean of Everton in 1927/1928 season

Not even Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo has reached this goal mark in the league in a single season hence to break this record will require serious hard work and consistent goal scoring in every single game at least 2 goals per game 
  • ·        Most goals in a top-flight game
7 goals by Ted Drake, Arsenal vs Aston Villa on 14 Dec 1935

I wonder what the defenders are doing 
  • ·        Player to score 30 league goals in four consecutive seasons
Dave Halliday from 1925 to 1929, in fact, he scored up to 35 goals in each of those four seasons.

Records such as
  • ·        Most hat-tricks in one season in top-flight
  • ·        Most career hat-tricks in top-flight
Cannot be decided yet due to incomplete information. I have to keep making research until I can come up with a convincing information on it.

Finally, some of these records have stood for many years even centuries without it being broken and in this era of football, I doubt if the recent generation of English top-flight football league will ever overcome some of these records.



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