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Great leadership a tool for African governance

In Africa, it is unfortunate that for many years leadership has failed us since independence from colonial slavery there has been an emergence of a new form of slavery born from bad leadership. African Leaders have not yielded any success except for the likes of Nelson Mandela and Kwame Nkrumah. Though physically free but mentally enslaved and until a standard is set for good leadership then maximum potentials will not be reached.
One of the factors that enhance good governance is good leadership. A Leader generally sets direction, builds an aspiring vision and creates something new. Former Activist/President Late Dr Nelson Mandela, Late President Abraham Lincoln, Activist Late Dr Martin Luther King and Late President Mahatma Gandhi to mention a few were pacesetters for the liberation of their people and their beliefs. Our predecessors have left good qualities and roles of good leadership but it seems their proteges have only learnt to use their positions to exploit humanity.  The holy…

Past English topflight football league records that will be very difficult to break

English top-flight football league started as far back as 1888 and have been a yearly contest in sports calendar ever since then apart from some couple of years absence due to world wars interference. After various studies on the league, I noticed that some past set records in the league have stood till date and will be very difficult to overcome in the present day English top-flight football league (English Premier League). So I have decided to share some of these long-standing records which will be very difficult to break.

Team’s record
TOP-FLIGHT TITLES Top-flight title winner at first attemptThis was a record set by Ipswich Town in 1961/1962 season this record still stands till date and will continue to stand for centuries to come I guess. Do you think any first time promoted club to the English Premier League will win the title at first attempt anytime soon? I don’t think so.
TOP-FLIGHT APPEARANCES ·Most seasons in top-flight overall114 seasons and still counting, Everton FC
In as much…