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Which team will lift the English premier league trophy 2017/2018 season?

English premier league(EPL) is regarded as one of the most competitive top football league in Europe since its inception in 1992 although English clubs has begun to experience rapid depreciation in form in Europe’s international cup competition known as UEFA Champions League(UCL) and still with that their strength and potential cannot be undermined however with their loss of form in UCL the English premier league keeps gaining momentum seasons by seasons in which I could simply say that it is the most unpredictable league in Europe irrespective of its Clubs limitations in the UCL. Notwithstanding the EPL comprises of 20 teams competing with each other for 1 trophy in which a winner must emerge. So which team will win the trophy in 2017/2018 season, the EPL is very tough to predict for now as compared to any other top football league in Europe.

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Now, by analysing each of the present EPL participating team by their past and present history in the English league then we can be a bit closer to choosing the possible team to lift the trophy in 2017/2018 season but don’t be taken by surprise if anything happens.

Manchester United

Man United is arguably the most successful English club with rich history winning 20 league titles the highest title ever recorded by any team in the league history. Man United are still one of the best English clubs presently though since they last won the trophy in 2012/2013 season they’ve been facing some challenges in winning the league after the retirement of their most successful coach Sir Alex Ferguson. Nonetheless, the signing of their new manager Jose Mourinho has brought about a gradual increase in form so the club cannot be overlooked we all have an idea of what this new coach is capable of doing. Therefore, this put them in the higher position of lifting the EPL title.


Liverpool is another club that has achieved huge success in football winning 18 league titles but since the inception of the English premier league in 1992 the club hasn’t laid their hands on the EPL and they last won the league title since the 1989/1990 season. Recently we’ve witnessed them improve their game every season and this made them one of the title contenders, could this be their season, who knows. 


This is another club with so much history and success in the English league. They have won 13 league titles but have struggled to clinch the title since they last won it in 2003/2004 season. They’ve always been a contender for the title and are still a contender for the title race in 2017/2018 season. Watch out for them.


Everton has won 9 league titles their last trophy was in 1986-1987 season (30years ago). Everton has been in the battle for top 4 over the years and they always end up in the 5th position, I can’t really say they are a serious threat to the EPL title this season but their potential cannot be overlooked who knows this could be their season.


Since the 2000s beginning, Chelsea has grown to be one of the most feared teams in England, the 2000s has marked huge success in the history of Chelsea because of a change in ownership (management). Being the current title holder in 2016/2017 season, Chelsea is arguably one of the top contenders for the 2017/2018 season due to their current increase in form and they are still a favourite for the title. Chelsea has won 6 league titles.   

Manchester City

Right now Man City is one of the future potentials of English football they have 4 league title and they are keen on winning more. With the assistance of their new manager, Pep Guardiola a top rank football manager in Europe Man City is capable of winning the league in 2017/2018 season, the coach fabulous achievements helped to put them on my list of top contenders for the EPL title this season.

Newcastle United

Newcastle just got back to the EPL after last season’s battle in the relegation zone winning 4 league titles. Their arrival to the EPL should not have been a big threat to the title hunt but with Rafael Benitez, a top level manager by their side put them in the higher position of challenging for the 2017/2018 season title. They could spring up surprises.     

Huddersfield Town

Huddersfield has never played in the EPL since the inception and if not for their promotion to the EPL this season many people outside of England barely know they exist. Anyways, they have 4 league titles to their name and have been battling in the relegation zone after the 1971/1972 season (45 years ago). I can’t really put them in the top contender position for the EPL title but their strength cannot be undermined.

Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham has been a consistent contender for the EPL title for the past 3 seasons now they have won 2 league titles with their last in 1960/1961 season. With their increased form in recent seasons, I would not underestimate their strength as one of the big contenders for the title in 2017/2018 season and it could just be the season they awaited for so long.


They have won 2 league titles and have not fully attained stability in the EPL. I don’t see them as a serious threat to the title challenge but they are not an easy team to beat.  

West Bromwich Albion

They have won 1 league title. They are also not a big threat but we cannot underestimate their strength.

Leicester City

It was a miraculous first league title for Leicester in 2015/2016 season, no one would have believed it initially that their story is going to change from relegation battle to celebration of the league title. Since they still have the majority of the team that won the league title 2 seasons ago I believe they can still surprise everyone this time around. Leicester is a team to watch out for in the 2017/2018 season.


They have no league title yet but they’ve attained the runners up position once. Watford is a tough team to play and would be a big problem to the bigger contenders of the title.


Just like Watford no league title yet but they’ve attained the runners up position once and due to their impressive form in recent years they are a big threat to any team in the league.

Westham United

No league title yet but their strength cannot be undermined due to their continued presence in the EPL. Westham have always been a tough team to play in the league.

Stoke City

No league title yet but their strength cannot be undermined due to their continued presence in the EPL.

Crystal Palace

They have no league title yet and we cannot undermine their strength, they’ve maintained continuity in the EPL.

Swansea City

No league title yet but their strength cannot be undermined.

AFC Bournemouth

No league title yet but their strength cannot be undermined. Their motivation to stay in the EPL until this season has proven that they are a serious threat to any team whether big or small.

Brighton & Hove Albion

They’ve been relegated since 1983 with no league title yet and since they just got promoted to the EPL I don’t feel they are a top contender for the title, however, no team can be overlooked, football is football the unexpected is bound to happen.

Unpredictability is the nature of the English premier league (EPL) but most importantly no matter how hard it may seem the title belongs to a single club. Therefore I will like to choose Manchester United as my favourite for the 2017/2018 season because of their manager Jose Mourinho. I have made my prediction, make your own predictions below in the comment box.


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