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Things to be more worried about in planes apart from plane crash

A good number of people have developed phobia for flying due to horrific headlines/videos/images of plane crash seen in the media. I keep asking myself why should one develop this unnecessary fear for planes if one would be at peace in a car, house and every other place on land, however, its plain to me now that it’s the fear of death that makes people develop frights for plane crash but I want to assure you that there is no guaranteed safety anywhere because disasters are inevitable. At any point in time, one could be involved in any form of accident whatsoever, in as much as you can stay in your house peacefully without the fear of the house caving in or drive your car anywhere without the fear of an accident then one should be at peace with flying in a plane. Any form of accident is an uncontrollable event bound to occur when it’s time. Now let’s go back to records and ask how many plane crash and car accidents occurs in a year? We can conclude that plane crash occurrence in a year is very few to the number of car and other incidents happening on land. So while we make time to reconsider our worry for plane crash here is a list of things to get you more worried apart from plane crash. These events are unexpected and very annoying when it happens.

Seat partner

No discrimination here but this should make you worry a bit imagine sitting with
·        A racist
·        Someone with bad habits
·        Someone with body/mouth odour
·        An aggressive or temperamental individual
In fact some people’s body spray can be very irritating or excessive and one can imagine the endurance and patience you would need to sit with such people especially in a long hour flight or journey. This can actually ruin the comfortable confinement of an aeroplane journey, one should worry about the passenger seating next to one than worry about a crash.


Wow, the food I ate on my first international flight was a bad experience for me I tried combinations I will never have tried in my house. Some food combinations can lead to running stomach resulting in a frequent visit to the lavatory. Apart from the small space in the air, running to get to the lavatory and waiting for your turn is more worrisome.

Sitting position

I noticed quite a number of passengers request for the window seat. They love the view from the top and take pictures of the day cloud. But the seating in economy is always a disadvantage because the view of the aisle seat doesn’t make good pictures. Flying first class will definitely make better views and pictures.

Cabin crew/Air Hostess

Many may say they should not be on this list, don’t worry you haven’t come across a snob, rude and hostile cabin crew and until you come across one then you would understand me though it should be of less worry because we rarely come across them.


We should all pray the pilots are experienced drivers that will brace themselves during difficult flights and brace themselves to arrive safely to the destinations instead of thinking about plane crash.

With all these, we should worry less of plane crash and ask ourselves how many times we hear of plane crash compared to road accidents in a year. Besides, CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) always ensures that the aircraft is air worthy and every airline organizations employ air crews that are competent which is a relief for us, passengers. Over time, we have to learn to cast and commit our journey into the hands of the Almighty our creator because it’s a miracle that man built a gadget that flies like a bird. So don’t worry we’ll all get to our destinations safely by God's grace.


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