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Possible Europe top 10 football league winner’s in 2017/2018 season

Certainly, there is no continental football that can stand/match European football at the moment, Europe football is actually the most fascinating football in terms of organization, management, entertainment, competitiveness, media strength, quality and even financial aspects in which anyone ambitious to play football would love to achieve their dreams in Europe and of course where else can one achieve it bigger if not Europe. So based on the coefficient ranking system on of the top football league in Europe, I have decided to predict the top 10 football league winners for 2017/2018 season. Enjoy.

Spanish La Liga

The Spanish La Liga has been a shared title for sometimes now between two world football giant clubs, Real Madrid FC and FC Barcelona in which choosing a winner among them is very tough although Atletico Madrid FC is their potentially strong competitor if they can retain their current form but for now La Liga title prediction is between Real Madrid FC and FC Barcelona. For decades now these two clubs have taken dominance of club football in Europe and are ready to extend it to the future. Hence, my prediction for La Liga winner in 2017/2018 season is FC Barcelona

German Bundesliga

The German league is one of the least competitive leagues in Europe you can always predict the winner easily right from the onset and it will turn out that way. For the past 6 seasons now only one team has lifted the trophy and the possibility that another team will lift the trophy soon is not certain. So I would like to waste no time in predicting Bayern Munich FC as the German Bundesliga champion in 2017/2018 season.

English Premier League

As a matter of fact the English premier league is currently the most competitive and entertaining league in Europe sometimes the last game of the season plays a vital role in deciding the title winner, unlike the other league the least expected team in the English league cannot be underestimated every team is competing against each other until a winner emerges and my English premier league winner prediction for 2017/2018 season is Manchester United. Also, check the link below     

Italian Serie A

At the moment the Italian league has lost its competitive nature gone at the days when Italian football clubs were in control of club football at least we can still remember clubs like AC Milan and Internazionale these teams were very hot those days. The loss of form of both teams led to the league single club ruling system and for the past 6 seasons, only Juventus FC another great club in Italy and Europe has been crowned champion. The world awaits a moment when this Italian glorious and competitive reputation will be restored back but for now my prediction for the Italian Serie A champion 2017/2018 season is no other than Juventus FC.

French Ligue 1

I would have said the French football league is not a competitive one but after serious observations, I realized the league is most competitive in its own way judging by their past winning history. The league is a turn by turn system when it’s your turn nobody can stop you, you will win as many consecutive league titles as you can and the highest consecutive win so far is 7 by Olympic Lyonnaise with this past records we can easily conclude that the league is not competitive which is not so. In the past 6years now Paris Saint German (PSG) has been crowned champion 5 consecutive times until last season when Monaco’s increase in form limited them from breaking Lyon’s league winning streak currently Lyon has lost its form this limited their performance in the league. Thus my prediction for the French Ligue 1 winner 2017/2018 season is PSG I believe with Neymar junior by their side they should be able to move mountains.

Russian Premier League

Just like the English premier league, the Russian premier league is another highly competitive and in the past 3 seasons the trophy has been won by 3 different clubs making the prediction very difficult. However, someone must always emerge winner so my prediction for the Russian Premier League winner of 2017/2018 season is Zenit St. Petersburg.

Primeira Liga (Portugal)     

Since the Portuguese league was founded only 3 clubs have maintained dominance, these clubs are SL Benfica, Porto FC and Sporting CP they’ve so dominated the league to the extent that only 2 seasons the title left their care since its establishment, in fact, I don’t think any other team can overshadow their dominance throughout this 21st century. In about 4 seasons S.L Benfica has been the winning team and still the potential winners this new season then my prediction of Primeira Liga winner 2017/2018 season is S.L Benfica.

Jupiler Pro League (Belgium)

Belgian league is also very competitive even though RSC Anderlecht has enjoyed most of the title victory since it was founded. RSC Anderlecht is the current champions and so my prediction for the Belgian league winner 2017/2018 season will be no other club than RSC Anderlecht. Choosing a winner for the Belgian league is also a big challenge.

Ukrainian Premier League

Just like the Primeira Liga of Portugal the Ukrainian premier league title has been dominated and won by 2 clubs namely Dynamo Kyiv and Shakhtar Donetsk to the point that they’ve only lost the title once to another team since its establishment in which Dynamo Kyiv possess the highest number of titles. Since the UPL is shared between two clubs it’s very difficult to predict a winner among them but since the current champion is Shakhtar Donetsk I will still go with Shakhtar Donetsk as the winner in 2017/2018 season.

Turkish SüperLig

A total of 67 clubs has competed in the Turkish SüperLig only 5 have won the title and right now only 4 are the active superpower in the league. The Turkish league is a very competitive league among the 4 clubs you can hardly predict a league winner because the 4 teams put up a good fight for the title until a winner emerges, the current champion is Besiktas J.K. So my prediction for the next winner of süperlig 2017/2018 season is Fenerbahce S.K.  

In conclusion that is my Europe top 10 football league winner’s prediction for 2017/2018 season, however, expect the unexpected to happen what I’ve got here is just a prediction and nothing but a prediction.


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