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Blogging tips for beginners (Part 1)

Useful qualities for a beginner

It baffles me so much when I do some research on blogging for beginners and what I get most times is basically the technical aspect of it, people rarely mention the qualities required for blogging I’m not writing to be misunderstood that the technical aspects are not useful in fact as I keep updating my “blogging tips category” technical aspects will be discussed, the qualities I’m about to describe are the first step sensitization for every newbie blogger. Now let us put the SEO rankings, the domain purchase and growing traffic discussion aside first and focus on these useful qualities. So what are these useful qualities for a beginner?


Being ready is a key quality of blogging whenever anybody tells me about their blogging plans the first question I want to always ask is “are you ready” because this was a mistake I made in the past and it's time I help people learn from my past mistakes. I could remember vividly well opening a blog for a friend some months ago and I realized he hasn’t even checked it nor publish a single content with it. So apart from being technically prepared for blogging, mental readiness is needed for better preparation and research else blogging won’t present itself at ease.   


Setting goals with the determination to reach the set goals are paramount to every blogger including me but it's required more for a beginner because beginners are easily discouraged when tough times present itself with blogging such is life. Honestly, when I was younger I always discourage myself from blogging I would simply tell myself it's useless although I always encourage others to do whatever they’ve set their minds to do, then came a time in my life when I had to start sourcing for life and knowing fully well that getting a job in Nigeria whether good or bad paying job is as good as searching for a pin in the river. So I had to come up with an idea that will keep me relevant rather than staying idle while I keep up with my industry pursuit, in my case my determination is for blogging to keep me relevant not basically for money. Finally, money should not be a beginners number one goal even though everybody wants to earn money but making money should be the last thing to think of as a beginner after sometimes you can start thinking about it though.

Consistency and persistence

Without consistency, the determination to reach a set goal will not be met. Consistency is the quality that takes you to the top while persistence is what keeps you at the top hence to go higher you need consistency again then persistence comes in, I will call it a recurrence system we can’t do without it in life not just as a blogger it’s definitively a do or die affair for survival. So as a blogger be consistent with it and stay persistent to the current position then you should apply consistency again till you reach your desired goals.    

Ability to learn

It is also very important to know your area of specialization and research on them either in a book, online sources or by discussing with people. Also, learn from other bloggers how they got to the level they are and the tough times they had in the process, these things will end up being your greatest teachers.

Patience and perseverance

One of the most used words for a person facing a difficult time in life is patience and of course it is the exact word they needed to hear and it is only patience that can assist us to persevere in hard times these means continuity in a course of action even in the face of difficulties or with little or no indication of success.  Most times things don’t always work out as planned and so patience and perseverance are needed in such instance. In fact, without patience and perseverance, no one can be successful with blogging so if you’re not patient as a beginner no need to start blogging because zero patience equals quitting quick.


I understand how blogging feels at the beginning, it’s like you’re doing nothing in your life especially those doing it for relevance it seems like a waste of time and you’re scared to tell people that you’re a blogger because you feel they will tell you to go and work for a company, yes I know and I’ve been through it too but the reality is that it didn’t kill me thus it can kill you too but hey while you’re in search of a company whatever your goals are, blogging could save one from losing hope in life and over the years it has helped a lot of people to reach their maximum potentials and to actualize their dreams of becoming millionaires around the world, that could be you or me, blogging can save hope. So love what you do and be proud of your blog. Make sure you share it and talk about it to other people during interactions even if it means some will discourage you keep sharing the good news, doing so can help you build your blog followers and readers. 

Being truthful

The most important of all the useful qualities mentioned here is to be truthful the content on the blog must be reliable to an extent. Some blogs contain fake content like “A mother raped her child” with images supporting the content which is gotten from google without a real source of information or location provided. I also know of some people using pornographic images to promote their blog on social media. Fine, these are strategies that can generate huge traffic however it adds no value to your blog rather it removes the value your blog already have, at the end the blog won’t attract advertisers and the majority of such blogs are closed down. Warren buffet said something and I quote “look for these three things in a person ability, energy and integrity. But if you can’t find integrity don’t bother to look for the rest”. Same rules apply to blogging, if your blog is fake then it shows the owner is fake. So you should not allow character flaws take control of your life. Be truthful.    


Before starting a blog it is very vital to have at least one or two of these qualities so that blogging will not turn out disastrous in the end, nonetheless, honesty is a must. These are the few useful qualities for newbie bloggers I’ve been able to mention so far you can add yours in the comment box.

Up next: Blogging tips for beginners (Part 2).

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