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Possible Europe top 10 football league winner’s in 2017/2018 season

Certainly, there is no continental football that can stand/match European football at the moment, Europe football is actually the most fascinating football in terms of organization, management, entertainment, competitiveness, media strength, quality and even financial aspects in which anyone ambitious to play football would love to achieve their dreams in Europe and of course where else can one achieve it bigger if not Europe. So based on the coefficient ranking system on of the top football league in Europe, I have decided to predict the top 10 football league winners for 2017/2018 season. Enjoy.

Spanish La Liga

The Spanish La Liga has been a shared title for sometimes now between two world football giant clubs, Real Madrid FC and FC Barcelona in which choosing a winner among them is very tough although Atletico Madrid FC is their potentially strong competitor if they can retain their current form but for now La Liga title prediction is between Real Madrid FC and FC Barcelona…

Which team will lift the English premier league trophy 2017/2018 season?

English premier league(EPL) is regarded as one of the most competitive top football league in Europe since its inception in 1992 although English clubs has begun to experience rapid depreciation in form in Europe’s international cup competition known as UEFA Champions League(UCL) and still with that their strength and potential cannot be undermined however with their loss of form in UCL the English premier league keeps gaining momentum seasons by seasons in which I could simply say that it is the most unpredictable league in Europe irrespective of its Clubs limitations in the UCL. Notwithstanding the EPL comprises of 20 teams competing with each other for 1 trophy in which a winner must emerge. So which team will win the trophy in 2017/2018 season, the EPL is very tough to predict for now as compared to any other top football league in Europe.
EPL Stats
Number of teams 20 Overall games played 380 Overall games played per team 38 Style of play Home & Away Overall home games per team 19

Things to be more worried about in planes apart from plane crash

A good number of people have developed phobia for flying due to horrific headlines/videos/images of plane crash seen in the media. I keep asking myself why should one develop this unnecessary fear for planes if one would be at peace in a car, house and every other place on land, however, its plain to me now that it’s the fear of death that makes people develop frights for plane crash but I want to assure you that there is no guaranteed safety anywhere because disasters are inevitable. At any point in time, one could be involved in any form of accident whatsoever, in as much as you can stay in your house peacefully without the fear of the house caving in or drive your car anywhere without the fear of an accident then one should be at peace with flying in a plane. Any form of accident is an uncontrollable event bound to occur when it’s time. Now let’s go back to records and ask how many plane crash and car accidents occurs in a year? We can conclude that plane crash occurrence in a year…

Blogging tips for beginners (Part 2)

Simple tools needed for blogging
I know a lot of people must be wondering what tools again is needed for blogging apart from what we already know, yes, it is the tools we are already familiar with, the bitter truth is that some people lack exposure to all this information we know. Some are always comparing blogs and social media to be the same not knowing that blogging has more advantage than social media. I’ve seen someone who wants to use his small android phone as a tool for blogging as a beginner. With my experience as a blogger, I knew blogging will be as frustrating as hell for him. Though Androids, Tablets, Ipads and iPhones can be useful tools however it would be more stressful and discouraging for a beginner unless you’re ready to spend for other people with the right tools to help build it for you. Without much delay let me hit the nail on the head. Here are lists of simple tools needed for blogging.

Pen/pencil and book/jotter

Some people don’t get inspired or motivated to type…