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Over the years attaining good leadership has been a major challenge in Africa. When it comes to politics we usually misinterpret the whole idea. Some believes politics is a platform to enrich themselves to obtain fame and absolute power without consideration of the Masses. When an average African person attains a political office, they begin to plan to stay till death and not realizing they should do their tenure and leave when their time expires in that office.

It seems the African people have been silent for decades but this issue has produced great agitation for good leadership in which all the effort seems fruitless. Those elected to lead have turned deaf ears to the agitations of the people because of their selfish interest towards the political offices polluting the minds of the future generation. Our leaders are law breakers and when caught they maneuver their way back to their political office and maintain that status. Let’s talk about few countries that take leadership and political positions seriously; the former Prime Minister in the UK David Cameron decided to resign because he felt the referendum lost would put his credibility to question, President Richard Nixon of the United States announced his resignation after losing all support on a Watergate scandal, Dilma Rousseff the former president of Brazil was impeached for criminal administrative misconduct and disregard for federal budget and Sun Yat-sen the first President and founder of the Republic of China after the success of the revolution he quickly resigned as the President of the new republic. These are great examples that African Leaders can emulate at least they have proven to us that leadership is not injustice, oppression, corruption and conspiracy not to mention a few atrocities the political office is known for. An Africa leader will break the law and still continue in the political position. An example is the Nigerian governors, presidents and leaders making a second term compulsory even after failing to fulfill their promises to the people.

Although it is understandable that some leaders studied political related courses in school such as sociology, public relations, international relations, political Science and so on, nonetheless it should not be an excuse or avenue to turn a country’s administration to a joke. We are no longer in the era of monarchy or military rule, this is democracy “government of the people by the people and for the people”. Our mindset towards politics is to hijack power for self-empowerment.

If you’re elected to lead and afterwards your people don’t want you anymore, it is time to leave rather than manipulating your way to stay in power and causing chaos. I strongly believe it is time to change our mindset towards achieving good leadership and that politics is a service to humanity and not a profession or means to livelihood. I stand for good governance.

What do you stand for?


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    a very nicely written article, keep up the good work
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    1. You're welcome parth. You can help to keep the blog alive by visiting sometimes. Thanks I'm honoured by your nice comments.


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