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Good governance is key to a better nation

We often focus our attention on challenges and ignore the genesis or the root of the problems that confront the present and future of our great nation. A lot of us have forgotten that in order to achieve the great nation we opt for good governance is a must. The act of good governance is the key foundation to building a strong society. For instance, if the file storage of a computer system is damaged there is no way the computer would function properly unless it is replaced same applies to our world and Society.  Governance is the hard disk in which other activities are stored and they determine everything else. Here in Nigeria, we can trace our problems to bad governance.

Thanks to the internet, I have come across people clamouring for youth empowerment, marginalisation, poor healthcare, bad education system etc. I’m not saying people shouldn’t agitate on these issues, what I’m saying, in essence, is that we left the root of our problems unattended to. A study on Nigeria shows that the country is blessed with natural resources that are enough for its population to reach its maximum potential but bad governance has gone on the rampage and our leaders share these resources. To cut this long story short, there is an unequal distribution of wealth among the citizens. Some powerful people have obtained those resources making it their own and this means we can’t achieve any of our grievances without good governance in place. All the Nigeria’s problems ranging from unemployment, infrastructural development, youth empowerment, marginalisation and much more will not be sorted out until we achieve good governance.

Looking at the area of youth empowerment most people especially the youth believes that if they take over the government things will change for good which is an assumption to me because how do you build a house without laying the proper foundation. Ironically, most of the youth possess the same orientation towards leadership as the current administrators and if given the chance they will do worse than the current government. Our orientation is still built on the idea of national cake. During my university days a conversation ensued among my peers who were Nigerians in Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus and I said we are going to fix Nigeria, a young lady in the gathering who was 17 years old and majoring in Public relations said nobody should fix Nigeria now because she must have her own share of the national cake. This made me conclude that her reason and motive for studying Public relations is to have her own share of the Nigerian reserve. While serving in Uyo, I met a man who was 26 years old at that time and he said  he has an ambition to become governor in his state and in his first term he will spend 10% on the state 90% for himself while in his second term he will spend 0% on the state 100% for himself with that I immediately concluded that if power is transmitted to the youth without proper foundation or good leadership orientation put in place then nothing good will happen to this nation till eternity unless we just want to deceive ourselves, we’ve accepted character flaws as a normal way of life and that is why we will keep having the issue of corruption and other bad things we are facing right now. A positive change of mind towards governance is all we need for development.

Finally, good governance is the issue that needs urgent attention in Nigeria at the moment, not other issues created as a result of lack of good leadership whether we like or not it is inevitably impossible to completely wipe out problems such as unemployment, poverty, poor healthcare, bad education system, under-development and so much more on the surface of the earth even in the streets of London and New York you still find homeless people and beggars hustling to make ends meet. So, therefore Nigeria’s problems can be minimised with good governance in place.  As a child, I never heard anything good about our government my suggestion is we should put an end to the source of the problem which means an end to the problem itself. I stand for good governance.

What do you stand for?


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