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Death for sale

Crude oil is Nigeria’s major natural resources and one of its compositions, petrol, widely used for cars and generators is highly flammable and must be handled with care. Recently, I witnessed some people buying fuel in plastic bags because they were in a hurry or too busy and forgot to carry the proper container or keg that they usually use to purchase their fuel.

A typical Nigerian blames the government for the slightest thing that even an individual can show responsibility for their own safety in their own way. The risk of buying petrol in a plastic bag rather than a keg is a very dangerous act and can be disastrous to the buyer and other people in that environs. This can cause a major damage to lives, properties and the environment. On the other hand, the petrol attendant’s refusal to sell the fuel in the plastic bag results to unnecessary pleading from the buyer with excuses like “I’m in a hurry” or “busy” or “this is my chance I don’t want to come back again” and “I don’t have anyone to send to buy the fuel” and so on.

In my opinion, it is unethical for any fuel attendant to sell petrol in an unauthorised container other than a keg or proper container. There was a man that mounted an okada (motorcycle) in my presence carrying his own petrol in a plastic bag which busted and the bike rider and his passenger were both slightly soaked in fuel. The fuel that was bought to generate electricity for leisure could have easily become a killer. Thankfully it didn’t lead to any major disasters.

I want to urge Petrol/Filling station attendants to stop selling petrol to customers in plastic bags because any form of fire from such can lead to fire outbreak.  We should not jeopardise our lives by buying fuel with an unauthorised container.       


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