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Oppression has become a normal trend to the extent that people don’t seem to notice anymore, in fact, it is a way of life. If you are born or brought up in Nigeria and you have never been oppressed one way or the other then I would say you are not a Nigerian. Perhaps your parent belongs to the elite politically minded class whose sole aim is to use their position to oppress the society/country. Apart from the elite class oppressors, we all oppress each other one way or the other as the saying goes “Stealing is a game when caught it becomes a crime”. So, the reality is we are all enclosed in a circus of oppressing one another even down to our various homes we hear stories of husbands oppressing their wives and various occultic groups oppressing and terrorising the community. Just as the society is viewed as a class indication, the same applies to oppression and I would categorise it into 3 chains; upper chain, middle chain and lower chain.

Upper chain
This is the highest level of oppression attained by an individual in Nigeria directly or indirectly. These group of individuals comprise majorly of the political entrepreneurs (Godfathers), highest ranked security personnel (Oga at the top), organisation head etc. then direct includes political cabals while indirect are the sponsors of political parties/cabals teaming up together to oppress the Society/Country.
Examples of upper chain oppression
  • When a politician converts public funds to personal fund
  • If inspector general or commissioner of police seize other police allowances and others
  • When the Federal Government takes from Civil Servants salaries and allowances
  • Company owner refuses to pay his workers salary
Consequently, all upper chain oppressors work hand in hand to deprive our society of freedom, opportunities and much more.

Middle chain
The people in this level depend on those in the upper chain. Examples are Head of Operations, Head of departments, DPOs and people belonging to the middle class. When the upper-class people oppress those below, those below oppress those below their food chains. These are the people who circulate the oppression to others in the society, as police/military top officer oppresses the lower rank, the lower rank officer oppresses people in the society. 
Examples of middle chain oppression

·         Police/soldier slapping citizens
·         Area boys oppressing people in the Community

Lower chain
The grass root of oppression is our homes. We hear/read everyday situations whereby husbands oppress their wives and vice versa. In fact majority of us became sensitized on how to oppress others from our various homes. Therefore, the family is the lower chain.

Initially, I wanted to write about leaders oppressing the society but after so much research and sampling people’s opinions, I realized that we are all oppressors one way or the other. Likewise, every society is battling with this problem. Oppression cannot be erased completely in this world but most importantly we must learn to love ourselves and minimize any advantage we get in oppressing others. I stand for good governance.

What do you stand for?   


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