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Death for sale

Crude oil is Nigeria’s major natural resources and one of its compositions, petrol, widely used for cars and generators is highly flammable and must be handled with care. Recently, I witnessed some people buying fuel in plastic bags because they were in a hurry or too busy and forgot to carry the proper container or keg that they usually use to purchase their fuel.

A typical Nigerian blames the government for the slightest thing that even an individual can show responsibility for their own safety in their own way. The risk of buying petrol in a plastic bag rather than a keg is a very dangerous act and can be disastrous to the buyer and other people in that environs. This can cause a major damage to lives, properties and the environment. On the other hand, the petrol attendant’s refusal to sell the fuel in the plastic bag results to unnecessary pleading from the buyer with excuses like “I’m in a hurry” or “busy” or “this is my chance I don’t want to come back again” and “I don’t have an…

Good governance is key to a better nation

We often focus our attention on challenges and ignore the genesis or the root of the problems that confront the present and future of our great nation. A lot of us have forgotten that in order to achieve the great nation we opt for good governance is a must. The act of good governance is the key foundation to building a strong society. For instance, if the file storage of a computer system is damaged there is no way the computer would function properly unless it is replaced same applies to our world and Society.  Governance is the hard disk in which other activities are stored and they determine everything else. Here in Nigeria, we can trace our problems to bad governance.
Thanks to the internet, I have come across people clamouring for youth empowerment, marginalisation, poor healthcare, bad education system etc. I’m not saying people shouldn’t agitate on these issues, what I’m saying, in essence, is that we left the root of our problems unattended to. A study on Nigeria shows that th…


Oppression has become a normal trend to the extent that people don’t seem to notice anymore, in fact, it is a way of life. If you are born or brought up in Nigeria and you have never been oppressed one way or the other then I would say you are not a Nigerian. Perhaps your parent belongs to the elite politically minded class whose sole aim is to use their position to oppress the society/country. Apart from the elite class oppressors, we all oppress each other one way or the other as the saying goes “Stealing is a game when caught it becomes a crime”. So, the reality is we are all enclosed in a circus of oppressing one another even down to our various homes we hear stories of husbands oppressing their wives and various occultic groups oppressing and terrorising the community. Just as the society is viewed as a class indication, the same applies to oppression and I would categorise it into 3 chains; upper chain, middle chain and lower chain.
Upper chain This is the highest level of oppress…


Over the years attaining good leadership has been a major challenge in Africa. When it comes to politics we usually misinterpret the whole idea. Some believes politics is a platform to enrich themselves to obtain fame and absolute power without consideration of the Masses. When an average African person attains a political office, they begin to plan to stay till death and not realizing they should do their tenure and leave when their time expires in that office.
It seems the African people have been silent for decades but this issue has produced great agitation for good leadership in which all the effort seems fruitless. Those elected to lead have turned deaf ears to the agitations of the people because of their selfish interest towards the political offices polluting the minds of the future generation. Our leaders are law breakers and when caught they maneuver their way back to their political office and maintain that status. Let’s talk about few countries that take leadership and pol…