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It is now everyday news that stupidity has become part of our daily life. Some weeks ago, there was news that the Benue State governor gave the youths in his state wheelbarrow as gifts and shortly after that, the Borno State governor came up with a community development of giving 200 naira ($0.60) each to rural women and children in his state. A wheelbarrow for youths and $0.60 to eliminate poverty in our society is demeaning.

Honestly, our leaders no longer think or act smartly. This is affecting the average Nigerian and stopping us from thinking right. Our mindset towards leadership reveals the hunger for power, fortune and fame which are all contributing to our societal challenges. Benue and Borno States governor’s decision to give their people $0.60 and wheelbarrows have not solved its state problems. The youths in Benue State needs to be empowered with education, certain skills and Community development that must be funded by the Governor and same goes to the poverty-stricken populace of Borno State.

If the sum of 200 naira is given to an average of perhaps 200,000 people this will amount to 40 million naira ($115,000) in total which is enough to help the state build better schools, award scholarships, build better hospitals and to develop the rural areas. My research on the cost of a single wheelbarrow is between 25,000 – 30,000 naira ($72-$86) so if it’s distributed to 1000 youths then the total amount that will be spent is between 25,000,000 – 30,000,000 naira ($72,000- $86,000) but in this case it's a waste. Thus, the solution is to teach the people how to fish by empowering them rather than fishing for them and making them future liabilities.

Finally, it is high time the Nigerian people dedicate time towards a future filled with hope, by voting in, the right leaders who will fight for good governance. As they say, “even in the animal kingdom where fools reign and stupidity ranks high, common sense which is not common is always exercised”. I stand for good governance.

What do you stand for?


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