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Man made disasters in Nigeria

I read an article on titled “Top 5 destructive natural disasters in the history of Nigeria” some of these disasters and its effects were listed. Towards the end of the article, the writer expressed that “we hope that our country will not suffer anymore! And there will be no more disasters that will end people’s lives”. Come to think of it will these disasters really stop in Nigeria? As long as we breathe corruption catastrophes mentioned in the article will continue to ravage our nation and making us the main disasters generating the natural disasters.  Ironically, Countries with destructive natural disaster are able to manage their condition appropriately unlike Nigeria that rarely encounters natural disasters.

In Nigeria, most of the natural disasters are as a result of our nonchalant attitude towards the issue ranging from flooding, pipeline vandalization, building collapse and so on. The reality of the situation is that we don’t have natural disasters like earthquake, hurricane, typhoons or extreme weather conditions yet Nigeria has the highest man-made disasters. Flooding occurs in Nigeria due to the poor drainage system and lack of preparation likewise building collapse, some houses have been built for about 50 years without renovation. The rainy season is one of the main seasons in this part of the world therefore adequate preparation is essential for the rainy season. Furthermore, to tackle these disastrous problems in Nigeria we need to find a lasting solution to end corruption, bad leadership, tribal discrimination and lack of co-operation working towards achieving the same goals. Good governance must be established into public offices contemplating on the welfare of the general public and ready to figure out societal problems uniting the populace making them realize the problem source.  Since good preparation yields good results, it is favourable to prepare adequately with appropriate funds and supervision to improve our drainage system with proper waste management to avoid interference with water drainage systems to stop flooding and building collapse. In the case of pipeline vandalization, the only solution I can suggest is love among the general populace because vandalization is as a result of jealousy and hatred among the tribes.

Lastly, the solution to these disasters in Nigeria is for the government to work hand in hand with its people to put an end to man-made disasters. I stand for good governance.

What do you stand for?


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