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Letter vs Statement

I want to correct the misconceptions people have towards letter and statement. People often use both words interchangeably I’ve even searched countless number of websites none has given me a clear explanation to this two message transmission medium there seemed to be no difference between the two. Therefore I will be stating the differences between letter and statement files.

The letter and statement I’m talking about here is not alphabetical letters or any kind of statement we make every single day rather it is the officially accepted letter and statement used for the purpose of passing information formally or supporting documents in an application process.

I will start with clear definition of both


A letter is a written, typed or printed message passed from one point to another that contains useful information. It can be used as supporting documents in any application.


A statement is a definite or clear expression of something in speech or written format. It can also be used as supporting documents in any application.

Differences between letter and statement

Now, we can see that the definition has given a clear meaning to these two forms of message transmission medium although some similarity exists between the both of them. Here are the differences.

1. Format

The format used in writing a letter is completely different from that of a statement which is also known as template.

Letter format

It is always in written format. Here are lists of components in a letter

a)      Address
b)      Salutation
c)      Heading
d)      Body of the letter
e)      Complimentary close or valediction

Formal letter template

Informal letter template

Depending on the letter that is written if it is a formal letter the required address is always two, e.g. address of the writer and that of the receiver while informal letter requires address of the writer only.

Statement format

It is either in written or speech format as given in the definition. No address is needed, the components are:

                  a)      Heading
                  b)      Main body

The main body includes;

                      I.            Introduction
                    II.            Body paragraph
                  III.            Conclusion

Statement template

Formal and informal statements are always in the same format

2. Details discussed

The mode of discussion in a letter is different from that of a statement. Without wasting time letter go straight to the point along with few details while statement shows full details on the point discussed with lots of examples.

This sums up the major differences between letters and statements.

Note: Letters and written statements can serve the same purpose, for instance, a letter of intent (LOI) can be used as a statement of purpose or statement of intent but the format by which they are written is different. If someone tells me that statement of purpose is the same as statement of intent I wouldn’t argue because statement of intent is synonymous to statement of purpose. Nevertheless letter of intent format is different from statement of purpose or intent format but can serve the same purpose. Finally the similarity between them is in their uses and not in the way they are written so when next you’re asked to submit a letter or statement knowing the difference is very vital.   

I have posted content on "letter of intent" very soon I will be posting about "statement of purpose/intent" under LETTER SAMPLES AND GUIDE category in order to help differentiate between letter and statement.

Stay tuned to ojaygist


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