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Letter vs Statement

I want to correct the misconceptions people have towards letter and statement. People often use both words interchangeably I’ve even searched countless number of websites none has given me a clear explanation to this two message transmission medium there seemed to be no difference between the two. Therefore I will be stating the differences between letter and statement files.
The letter and statement I’m talking about here is not alphabetical letters or any kind of statement we make every single day rather it is the officially accepted letter and statement used for the purpose of passing information formally or supporting documents in an application process.

I will start with clear definition of both

A letter is a written, typed or printed message passed from one point to another that contains useful information. It can be used as supporting documents in any application.

A statement is a definite or clear expression of something in speech or written format. It can also b…


It is now everyday news that stupidity has become part of our daily life. Some weeks ago, there was news that the Benue State governor gave the youths in his state wheelbarrow as gifts and shortly after that, the Borno State governor came up with a community development of giving 200 naira ($0.60) each to rural women and children in his state. A wheelbarrow for youths and $0.60 to eliminate poverty in our society is demeaning.
Honestly, our leaders no longer think or act smartly. This is affecting the average Nigerian and stopping us from thinking right. Our mindset towards leadership reveals the hunger for power, fortune and fame which are all contributing to our societal challenges. Benue and Borno States governor’s decision to give their people $0.60 and wheelbarrows have not solved its state problems. The youths in Benue State needs to be empowered with education, certain skills and Community development that must be funded by the Governor and same goes to the poverty-stricken popu…

Man made disasters in Nigeria

I read an article on titled “Top 5 destructive natural disasters in the history of Nigeria” some of these disasters and its effects were listed. Towards the end of the article, the writer expressed that “we hope that our country will not suffer anymore! And there will be no more disasters that will end people’s lives”. Come to think of it will these disasters really stop in Nigeria? As long as we breathe corruption catastrophes mentioned in the article will continue to ravage our nation and making us the main disasters generating the natural disasters.  Ironically, Countries with destructive natural disaster are able to manage their condition appropriately unlike Nigeria that rarely encounters natural disasters.
In Nigeria, most of the natural disasters are as a result of our nonchalant attitude towards the issue ranging from flooding, pipeline vandalization, building collapse and so on. The reality of the situation is that we don’t have natural disasters like earthquake, hurr…