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Some people have given up their dreams to make other people’s dream come true this people deserves to be celebrated there is nothing as good as adding value to life. So thumbs up for those adding value to life one way or the other the words here is for you. Happy Labour Day.  

Welcome to the month called May
When we celebrate workers day
Not just happy that it is an holiday
But celebrating some services to humanity
In which work is done in full capacity
Time dedicated with all totality
To sustain strong nationality
Thanks for being a sound personality
To this great society
Happy workers day

Here comes the first day
In the month of May
Workers day is here
Resting week day of the year
We must be aware
That the labour of our hero
Must not be credited zero
We recognize your much dedication
In boosting the economy of your nation
Happy workers

Since New Year beginning
It has not been easy working
Brain is always calculating
The amount gained through hardworking
After months of doing your best
Now a day is spared to rest
In order to rejoice
And make some joyful noise
That our daily stress
Is much more less
This single day at least
Happy workers day

Challenging is the early wake
That usually happens for survival sake
Here comes the deserving break
Implying sweet sleep till daybreak
No need for mathematical calculation
It only requires celebration
To all past applied effort
That has gone into records
Rejoice henceforth 
For the victory that comes forth
Happy workers day

The necessity of life
Requires the strive to survive
If laziness was an option
None would run without direction
Laziness equals hunger makes us work
Putting extra effort to our handiwork
I wish everyone favour
In all daily labour
Stay blessed always
Happy labour day

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