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Victory rhymes

As we all set out in search of triumph one way or the other never knowing where or when it will originate from however I'm certain with consistency, persistency and determination it can be accomplished with time in this way we ought not to surrender in life, all that is required is additional effort and with time we will get our triumph. Here are simply the victory words to acclimatize with amidst our quest for victory. Enjoy.

I know in my region
I'm going to be the champion
Over, all evil battalions
I will have dominion
I'm going to get victory
I want to make history
Always in my memory
To never kill my story

I’m a go getter
Striving to make life better
I refuse to look back
On all past setbacks
Through the time of lack
I will never ever slack
Will always keep moving on
I won’t stop until I’m done
Achieving life goals
Peace be unto our souls

Victory is mine
Greatness is mine
I can feel the sign
That it’s my time to shine
I shall outshine
Those wanting my decline
My strength is simply divine
It cannot be undermine
Forever I’ll be fine
Nonstop is my sunshine

Don’t settle for less
Greatness is your access
Keep firm of your yes
Brightness is the quality we possess
Never give up continue the process
Then you will be lead to progress
To the only place of success
Be strong and don’t get suppressed
You are stronger than the oppressed
Stay blessed

It is very obvious
That if we are serious
We are made victorious
Then we can discover
The weight of our potentials
And work on the essentials
In building the best credentials
It’s time to decide within
The certainty to win
Let the race begin

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