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            In human history challenges concerning the environment have surfaced right from the first generation of settlers to the newest generation. Although in comparison to ancient times it appears that today the issue has become sophisticated and all hope for the future is lost. Ineffective solutions are established in solving the problems and this worsens the issue everyday. We cannot give up rather we keep our hopes alive. It is no news that the atmosphere is diluted with fumes of highly  toxic gases in which burning of chemical substances, industrial wastes and other forms of human activities have all played major roles in damaging the environment leading to climate change, ozone layer depletion, high radiation, pollution, animal extinction and so on. As the human population increases, the need for survival increases thereby increasing human activities adding to environmental issues. As the adage says that wisdom won’t finish on earth then we go in search of it in heaven implying that the answers to our problems is here on earth. The discussion on environmental preservation can be achieved in four ways; awareness creation, population control, waste management and implementing strict policies and laws to preserve the environment.


            Creating awareness to enlightens the populace about the natural issues, instructing them on the best way to eliminate the issue. Ignorance is a killer so the people need to know the consequences of their actions. Environmental education will be an effective approach to preserve the environment. In a place like Nigeria ignorance is an issue that needs to be addressed people should be informed that bush burning does not help in the preservation of wildlife, especially in the rural areas during dry season when there is no rainfall bush burning or deforestation is a common practice and this may affect the environment by causing an increase in global warming and massive effects on the ozone layer due to depletable gaseous emission with other dangerous chemical substances emitted which is also capable of affecting humans respiratory system as well leading to health risk.


            The environment can be preserved through recycling and proper management of non-consumable products which after used can be hazardous to the environment if not properly disposed, research shows that polyethene materials takes more than 350 years on average to decompose even burning it can be extremely dangerous. Recycling these materials will be of great help to the environment so we need to set trash cans to specific locations to collect them after use. Recyclable items such as utensils, boxes, clothes, plastic bags, paper and bottles are good items that can be reused to help save our world. Walking sometimes rather than driving helps to reduce the amount of gaseous substance emitted to the air, planting more trees, flowers, and grasses than cutting down trees is also a good approach.


            Appropriate utilization of space by developing other places in order to control overpopulation is a decent way to deal with environmental problems. Studies shows there is high birthrate and low mortality rate though people die every day yet the proportion demonstrates distinction in birth and death rate I’m not praying for more deaths but effective measures ought to be set up, in a society made up of 10 million families, bringing forth 8 children per family will soon introduce overpopulation into such society. Over population kills a society and tends to affect the society’s economy. For instance, the most populous place in Nigeria, Lagos, overpopulation has influenced its condition so much that it has become part and puzzle of our daily life this is because people move from rural areas in Nigeria in search of a better life in Lagos. Lagos with a landmass of 3,577 km² and a populace of 20 million is a State for excellence attracting migrants from other states which resulted into overpopulation thereby causing enormous problems on the environment. The Nigerian government should start developing other states in order to preserve the environment in places like Lagos. Rules and regulations must be established to control humans from abusing the environment.

            In conclusion, solving this issue will not be easy unless the Government contributes its quota which requires great administration, transparency and fund. Typically it is a piece of human instinct to mishandle things even God made laws for us to follow in light of the fact that he comprehends the power he provided for us the power of decision making he knows how abusive we can be. So if strict laws are made we will not abuse the environment. Let us help preserve our environment to make this world a better place for all living creature and for a safe and healthy future.


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