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Democracy day greetings

It's time to celebrate the arrival of democracy in Nigeria a day that marks the beginning of democracy in our beloved country when governance was recovered from the brutal military government. Here are my greetings to everybody. Read, share and enjoy.

Once upon a time
In the past time
People have no say
In the foundation, leaders lay
Since the invention of democracy
Freedom to speak has arrived for everybody
We are participant in growth of our nation’s economy
Now is the time when commands can be objected
And can also be neglected
Happy democracy day

An end to dictatorship
Has boosted everyone relationship
Now there is an existence of flexible leadership
Bringing more pride to our citizenship
No more authoritarianism
Goodbye to totalitarianism
Governance belongs to all
Even without being called
We determine the result overall
Happy democracy day

The discovery of democracy
Mark the exit of ruler’s partiality
With an end to a leader superiority
All can talk in the same level of equality
All now contribute to growth of nationality
No more open brutality
It can only be done in secrecy
But must be unknown to the securities
Else arrest is the hope of such personality
Now we can rejoice in Liberty
Happy democracy day

The reign of monarchy
Has been dented by the birth of democracy
A system designed to ignore minority
Basically designed to favour the majority
Since the contribution of every region
Is made up of different opinions
Hence supported is majority suggestion
In a democratic oriented nation
Happy democracy day

Welcome to this special day
Chosen as democracy day
Celebrating an accomplished freedom
From dictators harsh outcome
Congratulation on a given right
In shedding more light
On issues hidden from sight
Now is the time
To forget issues of the past time
Bordering us for a long time
Happy democracy day

This is composed to acknowledge the ideology behind the inception of democracy and to wish everybody in Nigeria happy democracy however it does not really imply that democracy has changed or enhanced the quality of life the fact of the matter is democratic system has neither been the best nor the worst system of governance in the sense that it has not by any stretch of the imagination transformed anything regarding great administration in places like Africa nonetheless since May 29 is the day chosen to celebrate democracy in Nigeria each year I'm at long last cheerful to wish everybody in Nigeria Happy democracy day because it is the system of government practiced in the nation since 1999.


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